Edencom still hates me

Whelp, a couple of months ago, I did something that pissed Edencom off. Still have no idea what. Lost half a dozen decent ships (Ruptures, Stabbers) and got podded a bunch too. As a new player, lots of things are still mysteries but one thing sure isn’t - when you can’t fly anywhere but your solar system because missile turrets posted at the gates pod you every time you go somewhere, it gets old.

But, after help/suggestions from other players and some more grinding I bought myself another Stabber and outfitted the ship. Did a couple of level 1 security missions and all seemed OK. Then I had to make a four hop jump and there they were. Days of work gone and still no idea what I did wrong. So, I think that’s it for me.

I get that this is part of the game but come on. If you are looking to encourage new players, I might suggest that this is an area that could use some adjustment. Maybe destroy one, issue the warning and why. Maybe suggestions for how to improve a rating. There are lots of things that are attractive about this game but getting killed every time you “venture” somewhere isn’t one of them.

I think I’m out.

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You cant run missions to get standings with edencom. You need to either shoot trigs or rogue drones in certain parts of space.

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That might work if I could go anywhere or knew where “certain parts of space” where :slight_smile:


Well, I see it on the map but other than that …

Destroy rogue drones, sleepers, and drifters. Destroying Rogue Drones, Sleepers or Drifters in Pochven (and only in Pochven, not in K-space, not in Abyss, not in WH-space, only Pochven!) results in a positive standings gain to both EDENCOM and The Triglavian Collective factions. This is good. The larger the target drone or ship, the larger the standings gain. Rogue Drones give the least standings points, Sleepers give more and Drifters give the most standings points.


I appreciate the help but I may be a lost cause. I have no idea how to get to Pochven (someone mentioned wormholes or the key thingies) and while I have destroyed a bunch of rogue drones, I have no idea what a sleeper or drifter might be and the same is true for K-space and Abyss. And I am an Alpha rather than an Omega if it makes a difference.

And of course, I still can’t go anywhere without being destroyed…

Contact @Imiarr_Timshae in game, and they can lead you into pochven

(to learn about that area of space to fix your standings)

Additionally, click the “A” button on the left side of your screen, and select “Avoid EDENCOM Systems” (until your standings are fixed).



I’m a little confused by the topic. I have a negative EDENCOM standing. I got it by trying to hack a data site in low sec. I failed and had to run but still took the standing hit.
When I fly into a EDENCOM System the missle turrets are red. But when I’m flying a cruiser or smaller they fail to lock before I warp out. In a battleship they lock but I easily tank the damage before I warp out. Never tried a Battlecruiser. So I just ignore it as once you’re away from the gate the issue goes away.
Are you AFK and on autopilot? Just trying to figure out why this is an issue for you and not me

You can kill bunch of trigs on planet in sniper fit naga around Jita, you can warp in capsule all the way there and buy yourself that naga to kill those trigs. Your edencom standings will improve fast. Trig standings will go down, but trigs are a good source of valuable stuff you can sell in Jita.

Theres a guide on youtube how to get positive standings with both triglavian and edencom. 5 minute thing with fillaments if you follow the guide.

Thanks everyone for the replies - as to the “why you and not me” question, I was flying a Venture (trying to mine some uncommon mineral for a blueprint) but Ruptures and Stabbers after that. I just got a mission, set the destination and then ctrl+s. Works fine until I pass by the Edencom turrets. Twice I got away because I was ready and activated my shield generator. But, half a dozen other times I got waxed and podded.

Thanks for the guides - but I’m down to very low money again (no donations please - I am a very bad risk) but will have the Venture again so can mine when my heart is into the idea. I do not know if a Venture is quite the thing for Pochven and killing rogue drones :slight_smile:

Awesome tip on the avoid Edencom space - no idea you could do that (again, quasi-newbie).

Forgive me but terms like naga (ship right?), Jita and Trigs are only terms I’ve come across in forums or in some message during a mission so they are not very meaningful. In addition to being a novice, I am a bit casual. I should probably watch a few more guides, especially about filaments which are a complete mystery.

Thanks again gang and fly safe even though I, as you know, have no ability to do so :slight_smile:

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Just because you want to recruit more players into your faction, doesn’t mean you need to trick and gaslight people who are asking for help into making a nearly permanent decision like this.

Most players want to opt out of this garbage NPC standings sidequest ■■■■■■■■ entirely, because the players themselves are their content.

I dont. I proposed solution for improving EDENCOM standings.

Its not permanent or nearly permanent if you dont want standings to stay that way.

Not my fault. What people prefer.
There are pros and cons to everything.

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Y’know you can just make a new character, and once you figure out what went wrong, and how to fix it - do so.

–Gadget is just sayin’


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