Hisec Icestorm Filament put me in Solitude!

I used a hisec icestorm filament today but it put me in Solitude. This system is surrounded by null sec it seems which means I have very little chance of getting back again! Is this intended behaviour? I have spent hours looking for a wormhole to get me back to normal hisec but no luck, This seems a little unfair and am wondering if it is a mistake?

A high-sec island is still high-sec. I don’t know of a reason for them to have excluded any high-sec systems from the filaments - you aren’t promised to be safe using them, only that the destination system will be a high-sec system. It could be a minor victory system for a faction that hates you, or the staging system for a corp you are at war with, or a popular ganking system.


Nothing unfair about it. You knew Solitude exists and it could have hit anyone.

It’s funny, though. :slight_smile:


If you are friendly toward trigs, you could see if you can find a Pochven entry filament to get out of Solitude and back to high-sec via an exit filament or static WH - you have decent odds of getting a HS connection in Caldari space.

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Scan a WH and find a short cut into main high-sec.


ty for making me smile

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Wait literally 15 minutes and use another. Luck of the draw.


…aaaand this is why I made sure I was in a clone with no implants and a cheap ship before using one.


I never thought it would take me to a hisec island, I thought wrong. I’ll try and get another filament though.


you should have more of these filaments, next time it can be also high sec island


yah dock
board your corvette
buy some filaments
bada bing bada boom

HS to HS wormholes from solitude are common enough that you will be able to get your ship out. I haven’t moved ships in and out of solitude a lot, so I’m not exactly working with a large sample size here, but I’ve never had to wait more than a day to find a wormhole.

Plus, we now have the pochven filaments, and you can use the same type of filament that got you there. So, you have options.

If you have any questions, ask.

As per my experience in other HS islands (never been to Solitude yet), HS-HS WH to get out of there are pretty much very rare. Scanning daily a couple rounds per day, can take days or even over a week (or closer to eternity) to find one. Or they get used up very quickly… not sure what’s actually the case.

You ended up in High-Sec, didn’t you?

So what’s the problem?

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My guess is that the discrepancy in our experiences is due to differences in the size of HS pockets. Solitude has 17 systems, which provides considerably more opportunity for a desired WH to spawn, than a pocket of 3 to 4 systems would.

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Agreed. Although on the other hand the scanning will take proportionally longer and there will likely be more people competing for the WH traffic limit.

Kid, you think you got problems?

I drank the mezcal with a dead cobra inside the bottle at a rave, and woke up on Gary Busey’s front lawn.

what ship did you use? Rattlesnake?

WH type A641 occurs on average per 2 or 3 days. IIRC they have a life-cycle of 16hours, so you can scan breakfast and dinner. (or ask the locals!) Although they can go to other HS Islands ironically. Of course it would be unpleasant if you happen to have negative standing to Gallente. Boystin has the market hub.

It in no way means they do last 16 hours. This type of connection seems to be pretty popular with many people waiting for it to open to push their stuff through safely. Heavily used WH collapses in no time due to the traffic limit being exhausted, regardless of its life-cycle length