Holiday Filaments

Are the holiday filaments just for fun or are they legit abyss zones? lol

They transport you to a random “potentially active” nullsec system.

They don’t take you into anything Abyssal related.

How do you get back?

What do you mean “get back”?


I can fly to null sec. What do I need the filament for? If I use the filament, I will just be stuck in some random system in the middle of nowhere. I don’t have a filament to take me back to low/hisec. Is this just for suicide runs? I think I am missing something.

It’s for content?

It takes you to a potentially active nullsec system without the need to jumping through gates, let’s you avoid gatecamps, and allows you do all that without using wormholes.

It’s there to help people find and create “content” that’s focused around small gang fights.

I’m not sure what you were expecting from this… ???

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People in fleet will teleport with you. So, your PvP group can meet in Jita to ship up, then you activate the filament- and your group is in a random nullsec system, most likely having bypassed any gate camps.

Now, if you don’t want to leave high sec, you can always sell the filament for about 10mil.


. . . I am just going to get trolled even more for this . . . but you only avoid the gate camp on the way out. Most of the nullsec “content” seems to be near the lowsec gates anyway.

If you don’t want to use 'em, then don’t? No one is forcing you, man.


The assumption is that it’s a one way trip. You keep going until your fleet is decimated.

So- one idea that you might enjoy. Join a high sec mining fleet in a cheap venture, then position yourself near an orca or two, maybe some exhumers, activate the filament and POOF… everyone is in random nullsec, and let them figure out how to get back safely.


You need to be Fleet Commander and everyone must have their Safety set Yellow or Red in order to do this.


Lol, best apart about this was how butthurt the guy gets when the legion cloaks.

Fleets, never not join one, but never take the warp! :wink:


Nope, you get a message that you can’t do that.
Because they need to all set their sec to suspect at least.

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