Rp player made lore in-game event -> Plz read, all players benefitt

/in character
/start of transmission (only text)

Hello to you all Galenteens and Minmitarians in the vast space.
I come to you with a proposition for those who would like to seek refuge from these pirates that seem to be anywhere and everywhere.
As it seems that concord and the individual Governments are not taking any major or minor actions against these pirates to combat them for the greater good or the economy, it falls up to us to band together and combat these pirates ourselves.

I have taken the initiative to create a fleet in the Embod system, where I hope that… You… The people of the federation and the republic will band together and combat these threats.
By banding together we will create numbers and with numbers we create strength. And through strength we will break free of these threats. So that we may go back to our daily businesses.

/out of character
The requirements to join in on the fleet is to have a 0.0 security standing or above and be a pilot from one of the factions - Galente or Minmetar.

What ships you may use in the fleet:

  • Mining frigates

  • Expedition frigates

  • Mining barges

  • Exhumers

  • Ore Industrial Ship

  • Ore Industrial Command Ship

  • Capital Industrial Ship

  • Freighters

  • Corvettes

  • Frigates

  • Navy Frigates

  • Logistics frigates

  • Covert OPS

  • Assault Frigates

  • Destroyers

  • Command Destroyers

  • Industrials

  • Transport Ships

Event itself:

  • The event itself is a free to join IF you meet the requirements

  • The fleet will be start and end with me going online or offline. I’ll post updates on this forum where you can sign up to join in everyday.
    The event itself is an player made lore event that can bring a material, social and economical advantages or just plain adrenaline moments for PvP players. It’s made so that it will bring more content to the table, learning experiences and potential friendships.

  1. Miners
    During the time the fleet is active you can mine sites together with the fleet and sell it of directly to any corporations that wish to buy it or to any individuals. (Both parties agrees on a price per can per ore type) No guarantees for direct sales. I will buy from time to time as well.

  2. Corporations & buyers
    If any corporations or individuals wish to buy ore, ice, gas or salvage materials then you can do so directly with your own prices by sitting in the sites in any kind of your industrial ships or freighters. (Both parties agrees on a price per can per ore type) No pirate, amarrian or caldarrian corporations are allowed.

  3. Combat Pilots
    Your “job” here is to create a safe environment for the rest of the pilots on the sites against pirates, both against NPC and Players alike. There is opportunity to earn isk here through bounties and adrenaline kicks though PvP might happen in high sec but will happen in the more lucrative space.

  4. Loot
    Loot that is dropped during the event will be collected by a tractor unit (that I own and no one elses) that will be auctioned out later after the event to the highest bidder. (all items not one item at a time and bidder have to be in the fleet) The money that I gain from the highest bidder will then be distributed equally out to those who have protected the fleet when it’s been active or given out boosts for the fleet.

  5. Scanning Pilots
    Your “job” is to scan down sites in the system or up to 5 systems away from the system the fleet main fleet is located in. Those sites that you scan down can you try to sell to us. The group will equally pay their share to me so I can pay the seller for the sight. Sights can also be sold to the corporations and individuals that participate in the fleet. Info about the site must be given before purchase. (Done by giving a link to eve uni wiki about the site. And if a wormhole then give info about if it is habited or not and if it is by what corp/alliance.
    Another “job” for the scanning pilot is to keep the Fleet informed of any pilots in the system or nearby systems in lucrative space. Those who keep the fleet updated during the hole fleet op will be given their share in isk after the op is done.

  6. Salvage Pilots
    Your “job” will be to salvage the wrecks of the ships. (there might be little to none or a lot of it) If you want to then you can sell your salvage to any individuals or corporations.

Note/Notes: that this event is on your own risk and I will not reimburse you if you lose any ships or implants during the event. Nor for any scams that might have happened during any of the sales.
All purchases and sales will be done to a player with an industrial or freighter ship.
And since this is a roleplaying player lore made event, roleplaying will be much encouraged but not at all forced. Fleet will always start up at the Embod system then move to the system in mind.

Event will be from 2019-04-04T22:00:00Z2019-04-13T22:00:00Z but if I find it enjoyable I might continue to do so afterwords and make this a thing out of it = to that I will set up in-game channels for it and get even more organized with it.

/in character
With regards
Tryme Trymson.

*End of transmission

/out of character
I have had a Great time today, alone but fleet have been open all the time for those who wanted to join in :slight_smile:
I just slightly forgot to mention it but i’ll be online for just one hour more = 21:00 - 22:00 eve time.
I meet a nice player today who gave out a package of stuff to new players in the starter systems. I am one of them. So I just wanted to give him/her a shout out and hope to give this single player some support since he/she is doing this on their own without support.
The character who gives out packages to new players is: Corporal Fillip .
I hope that you give this character some :hearts: and support as I will do later on to become a sponsor.

I’ll be online as well 6/4 07:00 - 11:00 eve time. Sign up with a comment " I’ll join in - character name of in-game character and what ship and role you will have + for how long you will be with us"


/out of character

Hello yet again :wink:
I were active during that time mentioned yesterday and the fleet was open as well.
None joined in but I will keep on going till the 14:th before I decide if it was productive, enjoyable or helpful to the new players, buyers & sellers and for me.

I had no time yesterday to post this but the fleet will be active from 09:00 - 14-00 eve time. Be sure to sign up if the event might interest you with a "i’ll join, my character is ________ of the in-game character and what ship & role you will have/ do + for how long you will be with the fleet.
See you in-game or on the forums :wink:

Hi everybody,
yesterdays adventure was fuuun!
My one man fleet was once again just as mentioned, a one man fleet during the time the fleet were active. But as usual that does not stop me! I ventured out to my nearest low sec, a (-0.4) system to mine some much needed jaspet ore. But alas, I could not find it in any of the asteroid belts so I started to scan down the system instead in the hunt for jaspet that I needed for production for various Projectile ammunitions & ship modules.
What I discovered was not any ore sites… But I DID find several wormholes that had even better ore sites in them that I ventured into ( just one of them that was an exit wormhole that ended up to be a path to a c2 wormhole). Not only did I discover wormholes but as well 2 facility locations that would had turned to become a battlefield if I were to warp there, which I did. To one of the locations at least and it turned out to be a Minmatarian Contracted Bio-Farm by the Angel cartel. It was Thoraks who owned the location but from what I saw it was full of pirates and slaves. So I destroyed his biodome garden as a sort of revenge for the slaves and eliminated the pirates. Dam pirates! I tried to free the slaves but the facilities were proven to strong for me at the time and I had not enough projectiles to do so. But I was successful on retrieving the storage facilities. So I aim to go back there later and finish what I started and activate the gate that I found as well in that location. The other site did I not warp to.
Another site I discovered was a nice looking site were I were able to hack myself into their colonies systems and retrieve steal some very much needed materials for research. I do :hearts: research.
But before was successful on I got disturbed by, yet again, a pirate, that I escaped from successfully before any bullets went flying.
Pirates are everywhere… everywhere…

So today I will continue of where I left my business unfinished and save those slaves if they have not picked up their stuff and tuck-tailed and warped away. The fleet will be active as well from 07:00 - 13:30 eve time.
See you :wink:

Shoot!!! Too bad I’m Amarrian. I’d join up!!

I am an Amarr-traitor/freedom fighter and I support your cause.
Please do not let the fire go down.

Thank you for your support. it’s the last day today. After that i will join try to join eve uni.

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Perhaps once you have finished your training you may be interested in a more… secure and profitable security job?

And what would that be? Null sec? Guarding you and yours in a corporation/alliance?

No thank you. I have my own plans to follow through

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I’m sure our paths will cross again :wink:


Okay, it’s been a wile since i updated this post. So that’s what i will do now.

I have gained a few people who are interested to support this endevor of mine + a 1 or 2 new players who have joined in on this and learned stuff in the processes.

The fleet will be active today. Join in on a text channel that i have created called: Enlightened Metropolis that you can join in on. It’s somewhat empty but rest assured if you stay in there you will find me or other members/capsuleers in there.

I am in search of Corporations that would like to support this endevor of mine and earn a buck wile doing it. Just read the post above and see if it would be something that your Corporation would be williing to take part of. Since i need buyers to support this endevor of teaching new players some game mecanics and what you can do in a Group :slight_smile:

Your hosting an event and not taking any responsibility for anything bad that might happen during it?

Ganks will happen especially when your advertising it to the world. But If you can’t facilitate or guarantee that transaction that happen under your name are legit why would people invest time and effort into your narrative ?

Also your post is a bit rough on the eyes maybe reformatting will help get you more peeps

Is the public mining fleet still a thing?

First Question: Yes.

Second question: I Wellcome the ganks since that will only help out the new players on being tought on how to defend themselves in a group and if this would occure if they were to be playing solo. So there is a risk that the players will lose a ship wile being in this fleet. Mostly narrowed down to when we venture out to low sec or wormhole space.

And lastly, yes, you got a point there. But i can only do my best when i am writing english that is not my mother language. But i have bought a book called “English Grammar In Practice” that i am about to study and try to get better at my english. Good luck me :neutral_face::open_book::eyeglasses:

It is very mutch so. Join in on the text channel i have for it if you wish to take part in it. The name of the channel is called: Enlightended Metropolis. It’s quite empty since there are not many who are in it. But it will grow given the time for it to do so.

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