Hostile NPC miners in highsec

So… been away from the game for a while. Had a kid, sorta killed my time for it. She’s four now, thinks spaceships are neat, wants to ‘help’ me mine asteroids.

Go to scout out a nice quiet spot in Minmatar 1.0 space (I’m not trying to make money, just amusing the kid). My main (who I was using) is in Minmatar FW so has very bad standings with the Amarr. I land on a belt where there is a Joint Harvesting fleet mining (you know, Amarr, the enemies of the Minmatar), immediately get scrammed and attacked. Luckily, I’m in a fast ship and escape with no harm done.

But… let’s face it, if I’d been in my procurer, I’d have been as dead as proverbial fried chicken. It basically means my main can’t safely mine anywhere (since if one of these fleets drops, you’re going to be guaranteed toast) and can’t even can’t count on a strong tank and backup from Concord or faction navy (who serenely ignored the whole thing).

From an RP perspective, it’s utterly ridiculous (the factional government is OK with this???) and from a game-mechanics standpoint it’s a useless gimmick (i.e., if the kid wants to watch internet spaceships, I basically have to spawn a level 1 mission space with some asteroids in it). What, exactly, is the point of this ‘feature?’

The ones with the White Diamonds call for backup and will attack if your standing is low.

I understand that they drop huge amounts of ore if you are able to trick them to warp in then have them chase you for like 100-150km (Micro Warp drive before they scram you. etc) then have a fleet member warp in to clean out one of the hulls of their ship you destroy before they first warp their response fleet in to attack you.

As for the role play, well it could be seen as they are an enemy to you as you are to them with the bad standings.

Either way I am guessing that the Joint Harvesting fleet whom you have the low standings with would have the White Diamond shown on their ship names and that they will call in for support.

Might I interest you in this? Rp player made lore in-game event -> Plz read, all players benefitt
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My toon that has like -5000 amarr standings can’t orca boost fleets lol.

Just part of it If I wasnt too lazy I could hop in specially fit loki and pull more ore in 20-30 minutes killing npc haulers than orca+3 exhumer alts could mine in an hour. NPC exhumers also drop 10-15,000+ ore on top of t2 salvage.

As long as npc responce is frig fleets that is a few diamond cruisers can melt a full passive mega tank wormhole rattle and melt an x-type x-large rep loki quicker than 3 second 1800 hp shield boost cycle not counting massive neuting.

Wait till a system gets a FOB, those guys are wicked and attack everyone. For laughs look at all the orca losses on zkill for FOB systems where people didn’t realize what was up.

You’re in Minmatar FW. From an RP perspective it’s utterly ridiculous that you don’t know you’re getting shot there. You should have known about this and it’s doubtful that you didn’t.

No, it doesn’t mean that. It only means you can’t mine in the enemy faction’s space, because you’re at war with them. That’s not anywhere! You can mine anywhere else within your own faction’s space, or its allies’ space and you should not count on it being safe anywhere at all.

There is no way he didn’t know this and he even uses the “think of the children” card to gather sympathy. Topping all of it, it wasn’t NPC miners who shot him in the first place. As a FW member the faction police rightfully took care of him.

This guy is borderline trolling.

He may be exaggerating but not outright trolling.

If you have low enough standings with any single faction, NPC miners belonging to a corp in that faction will distress, warp away and response fleet spawns to warp in on top of you, no matter the sov of the space.

If my main, with like -7 Amarr standings, in hisec minmatar space, were to warp to an asteroid field with Joint Harvesting diamond barges, he’d be dead meat. If he was in an orca or anything that couldn’t warp @10 seconds or so, he’d be toast.

You can scout belts first, but generally have to keep dscan set to PVE in case a mining fleet incoming.

You now have to add npc corp standings factors etc. to your general situation awareness same as you would keep tabs on player WT’s.

Edit- Another example, my main lost a 1.5b Loki on losec station, undocked, switched to another toon and forgot about him a minute. Until hearing the armor and hull claxons and switching back way to late.

What happened was the diamond hauler (Who warp back and forth from fleets to stations just like human players) had undocked, triggered cruiser response fleet which can melt even a wormhole fit full passive rattle like butter.

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They’ve been away for 3 years and randomly fired up the game without reading about every update since they last played. I’m struggling to figure out why you’re so sure they MUST have known about this. Looking after their kid is probably more of a priority than staying up to date on what npc miners are doing. Take a deep breath…

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