⚔ Intaki Syndicate Militia (null eutz)

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Preferring small gang content we are looking for like minded players to join us in Syndicate for group pve (burner missions/wormhole diving) and small gang PvP.
Ideally you will be willing to operate on your own AND in small squads of upto 5 or 6. Though there is scope for larger engagements with the alliance and friends, we are still a growing corp.

Why Syndicate? Well, being null security the area can be used to make isk whilst scouting for wormholes and targets of opportunity both for content and profit. Syndicate also benefits from being close to high and low security areas and is itself NPC space.
This means no sovereignty which is good for a more casual approach to the game i.e. very few if any CTA’s.
ISK can easily be made running ‘pirate’ missions for the Intaki syndicate, Thukker Tribe or other various NPC corps (including gallente AND caldari), by running DED, relic and data sites, by mining or planetary interaction and of course piracy itself; when the opportunity presents itself.

Exceptions are made for newer players wanting to learn more or get their first taste of nullsec as well as returning players looking to get back into things in a more relaxed atmosphere and we also try to provide actual training for players when the time is right.

What can we offer?
Self improvement
*Experienced players willing to pass on knowledge both in pve and pvp
*Tips and advise on survival, isk making, exploration, all manner of PvE and also solo pvp.

Isk making
*A good area for relic and data hunters
*Decent moon mining at 10% tax to help fund your pvp habit
*Alliance ore buyback program
*Good planets for PI
*Nullsec missions for The Syndicate and other entities (high loyalty point rewards)

*Nearby lowsec areas including placid, verge vendor and solitude
*Experienced solo and small gang FC’s & pvpers

To create a small corp capable of holding its own within syndicate
To develop that corp further so that it will have a prominent wormhole ‘sig’
To keep developing relationships with other entities for content and friendships
… but mostly pew

Applications should be made here in the eve-hr site and also ingame with a mail detailing little about yourself, what you do in eve, what timezone you mostly play in and your expectations for the corp.

Mostly EU/UK timezone but expanding others!!

public channel: -1SM- Public
Contact Elias enDiabel, Auriga Menkalinan or lugburz ingame.

Two 60mill SP toons on final search for fun corps
Finding it hard to find a corp
Returning 55M SP player looking for new home
20 mil + SP looking for friendly corp and advice on getting into pvp
Returned after 5+ years break
[EST] Looking for anything - just want to get out of High-Sec
Rp player made lore in-game event -> Plz read, all players benefitt
Returning Character from 2011 with 33 Mill SP Alpha till I can Plex
65m sp Minmatar/Gallente PVP player returning and looking for a home
Returning player from 2012, two 50mil SP toons, want to explore/nullsec lurk (PVP fine but not focus)
Old pilot looking for a home (edited)
49M SP returning player looking for easygoing corp (EU TZ)
Looking for Corp
Newish player looking for casual 0.0 corp
21mil SP Loner Pilot looking for small/medium corp
LF new null sec (prefer)
45m Skill Point Pilot LF Null-sec Corp
14 Mil SP Player lookng for a PVE corp in Verge Vendor (No wars) , high sec
127mil SP Mission Runner Returning
169M SP Looking For New Home
62mil sp char looking for a pvp corp
40m sp Looking for something willing to API/ESI
Two man (4m + 39m) squad looking for a laid-back/mature corp
Mentor needed (UK TZ)
92 mil sp pilot looking for a corp. Been gone a long time
34.4mill sp
Coming back to EVE after way long break and looking for corp
Pilot Looking For A Home
81m Skill point returning player looking for corp
New caldari pilot looking for military based career pvp
Looking for a corp, been away a few years
27m SP omega looking for a PVE hisec corp OR a friend doing the same content
Returning Pilot (62m SP) Looking for Wormhole Living
No longer looking
52.5 M SP subcap toon looking for UK based corp
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two biscuits walking across the road one says to the other where do you live then, the other sayd… biscuits dont talk…

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evening bump

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An amarr, minmatar and gallente all walk into a bar…

sounds like the beniging of a very bad joke…


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still looking!

(Lugburz) #7

verily we are still looking, if you like nullsec but not sov an prefer solo, micro or small gang send me a message.

(Lugburz) #8

come give us a look, sometimes pvp pays well!!

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We have very few blues, but a lot of different friends; to some this seems odd but its really just about making the most out of the game. Yesterday i roamed with some friends after an alliance gang op :smiley:

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Its friday y’alll!! yeh prolly not much point in the bump as your all likely off down the pub spending yer wages on beer!!
ave a good un!

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Havent seen you about for a while Mr Therman, hope things are good?

in other news we did some stuff…

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we felt a bit sorry for this guy tbh but you have to take the kills when their there; we are still recruiting :slight_smile:

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still looking :smiley:

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Still looking, really could do with another half decent interceptor pilot!!

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/me yawns…


yes we are still looking :slight_smile:

(Lugburz) #19

content is easier to find when you live somewhere!!

kudos to our friends in inserection and also to mcken3311 for not giving a ‘f’ (seriously, saw this guy in his loki fighting liek 8 other guys mixed frigs and cruisers)

We dont have any hate for solo or small gang pvpers even if we shoot them; we assume theyre not flying something they cant afford to replace… though if a group uses the same tactic over and over again it does get rather boring :stuck_out_tongue:

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dont forget your killrights kids!! LOL whoopsies

We decided to take out an armour cruiser gang to see what we could do and V.E.G.A happily formed something of similar size for us, was a great little fight; literally thought i was going to lose my guardian two or three times!!
Awesome stuff :smiley:

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Still looking for active pvpers!!!
mostly eu/uk tz
need folks that can fly ceptors, fc small gangs and do logi!!
in that order.

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teaser trailer!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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