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Now part of Syndicated.

Looking for more members to join my corp so i can help guide them through skilling and isk making in nullsec and pvp.
I have ten years experience in game, in PvP, PvE, exploration, mining and in all areas of space, im looking to share this with players whilst also creating a small gang orientated corporation with a view to larger things.

What we offer is comprehensive but below are some features:
*low tax
*Fleet training for both pve and pvp
*Free ships
*Team building exercises
*when ready, nullsec missions - these are incredibly high in loyalty points = ISKS
*A goal and purpose
*when ready FC/nco training
*advice and tips on various aspects of the game from veteran players; mostly bitter.

Initially new players will be doing whatever they want too, finding out more about the game whilst joining in on some more practical lessons and briefings in skill plans, PvP tactics and fleet movement.

There will be few other entities that will teach you the finer points of pvp, fewer still that will practice with you to help hone your skill and with fewer rules and regulations we may be exactly what your looking for if you REALLY want to learn.

We will be concentrating mostly on team play and the different aspects of smaller formations. We will teach you the use of different roles within a gang such as light tackle, dps & logistics but also some uncommon roles like anti tackle and EWAR often only found in the more ‘elite’ groups.

We wont just be shooting at targets broadcasted we will show you how to survive in even the smallest ships utalising techniques such as ‘spiralling’ and also how to get more from solo play.

If you are reading this i thank you for your time and patience and please feel free to join the ingame chat channel ‘the syndicate.’ to say hello :slight_smile: dont forget also that we may be small now but that really means the instructors have more time on one to one courses where evrything is all about you :wink:

Kind regards


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still looking for newbros

Spiralling into gunboats to get tackle will keep you alive for longer, its and old strategy but not often taught!


yoiks… and awaaayyy

I’m currently in Eve University, but I’m planning on moving to a smaller corp for a more family-like fleet play, because Eve University feels really big. You think this is right for me?


its one of the reasons i simply didnt look too deeply into eve uni, i use a lot of their reading material to link to guys but i didnt feel the restrictions on players or the gang sizes really suited me; im looking to organise and train folks into smaller gang comps and focus training mostly on solo, micro and small gang; so anywhere from 20 people down in the longer term.

Hit me up with a mail ingame id like to know what you were doing in euni, what you learned and what sort of ships and ops your interested in :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reply, saturdays are a ‘me day’ though i do some stuff with the corp and sunday was a training day so i havent actually looked on forums til today >.<

can confirm instructors not ■■■■ at the game ^^


Why thank you sir!!
been a while since ive flown with you, i should move my main yur way for a bit of pew :stuck_out_tongue:



bumpety bump!

Hello Elias, would it at all be possible for me to join? I’m very eager to learn how to pvp but there is just so much to it that I can’t wrap my head around it all; And this corp might just be the answer. hmu with a message in-game if you’d like.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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We would love to have you onboard, i have sent you a mail ingame :smile:

We are still looking for players to join us to help create the team we need to move onto bigger things. Currently all we can offer is PvP type training, fitting and skill plan suggestions as well a small player base to come have fun with.

We dont offer ‘plenty of PvP content’ as LOWSEC is literally that way —>
so we have the same as everyone else :wink:

pump up tha jam

i like it here

If you are new and looking to join a corporation, this could be your place. I started up about 3 wks ago and met Elias in game. He is easy-going, patient, extremely knowledgeable about EvE and willing to share his expertise to get new players up and running fast. We’ve run a couple fleet ops and pve encounters, both great fun. Hopefully leading to some small gang pve/pvp stuff later on. He has lots of information, ranging from Eve Uni to YouTube and personal stuff that you might not find on your own. I joined for this reason, and to get into a new corporation starting from the ground up. If you join a huge corp, you may never hear from anyone and not get the same attention you would here. Plus, you will probably have to grind your own ISK, which will mean advancing more slowly. Feel free to Chat me up in game, or join the in game channel ‘the syndicate.’ (Don’t forget the ‘.’) Fly safe o7.

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seperating small gangs using aggression mechanics can see you taking on a bigger gang in more manageable chunks :smiley:

this can be achieved by waiting for one or two to engage on one side of the gate then jumping through with one or two that havent or simply by warping around large systems and dragging the lighter ships with you first :wink: