Intaki Cartel

Looking for some experienced pvpers to join me in Syndicate.

I am a long time player looking for other solo and small gang pvpers that can work well in a team & should be able to field multiple roles within a gang and be more self sufficient than your average bear… im not looking for bears…

On occasion i will provide ships to roam or fight in and find targets or goals to complete as well as provide valuable support either as an FC, scout or even logi.

My aim for the corp is to have a few good pilots able to go do anything we want, and do it well whilst not having the same strict heirarchal structures of other alliances and corps. At some point the pilots i have in this corp would form the FC bench of a small yet capable alliance.

My theory is that whilst there are other corps and alliances that do similar stuff many are indeed blue to each other which makes decent content hard to come by, we will have few blues but a ton of neutrals; true neutral would basically be people we fight but are freindly if a bigger entity comes along attempting to detroy our infrastructure or invade our systems.

Based in NPC nullsec - Syndicate has long been known to be a place good for small gang warfare.
** Access to high level ‘pirate’ missions and possibility of much lp with burner missions to make isk.

** Chilled - no cta’s as such but along the path there will be defence fleets at some point i imagine.*
** did i mention nullsec?*
** no SRP but multiple ways to make it if thats what you want - a work in progress*
** Im not going to say daily roams as i have some other projects im working on but certainly there will be more and more as the corp grows.*

I can FC, scout or bring logi to wherever its needed, i can blops hunt/drop and bridge and fly capitals and i will not ask any of you to risk something I myself would not. I am usually actually incredibly active but have grown tired of so much solo and kitchen sink ops.
Mostly the heirarchy of fleet form ups will be delegated by its own team members after flying with each other for a while so we know our own strengths and weaknesses, some folks are better at kite others at brawl - maybe better in frigs than in bs.
I do not want to see the same people hounded into logi constantly because others dont want to fly it (because no killmails or w/e) I want to grow a team in the truer sense of the word.

I won’t bs you guys, you dont bs me :wink:

Sound complicated?

It really isnt :stuck_out_tongue:

bump, looking for outriders atm; anyone new to interceptors and interdictors im particulalrly interested in you!!

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