Before I do something dumb..... (Mining fleet question)

I play at an off time (00:00 to 2:00 server time) but would still like to be able to run mining fleets in my Orca (newly acquired) in the Amarr area (5 jumps away).

How dumb would it be to open a fleet invitation to the public? Would it be a lightening rod for every ganker within a 10 system radius, or do you think it would be fine?

My EHP is 317k.

I’m not sure you have much to worry about. The possibility of someone deciding to field enough catalysts to kill you is not zero, but I would be surprised to see it happen or see it motivated by a public fleet.

Your clients, on the other hand, could have much more reason to be worried. If anyone can join the fleet, then that anyone can have a warpin on anyone in the fleet for no effort, and that simplifies the logistics of ganking fleet members with lower EHP totals than you.

If you’re looking for people to socialize with, though, it’s feasible this could play out in your favor. It’s also feasible, though, that people would be too afraid of the potential consequences to join such a fleet. I haven’t seen anyone try it so I am not sure what would happen. I would try it out and see what happens, but never fly anything you can’t afford to lose.


I wouldn’t start a public fleet, u’ll always get someone wanting to spoil ur day. Altho I believe the “Coalition of Independent Miners” operate public fleets somewhere close to Amarr, invites based on standing iirc. Alternatively, join a mining corp, or get to know a group of miners and start mining together (ice belts tend to get a bit chatty).

I think this REALLY depends on what the OP wants to accomplish. If the goal is fleet mining- then joining a mining Corp is probably the lowest risk option.

However, if the goal is to create content, meet new people, and possibly deal with gankers (not everyone hates them), then by all means- try creating a public fleet.

Coalition of Independent Miners has used the public fleet tactic to build their community, but it’s also run by people that know what they’re doing.

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