Mining Boosting and being Suspect

We should be able to boost our miners and not go suspect. Even with Green on We become suspect and can not do anything until timer is gone. There is no reason this should occur. Fix that. please it is so dumb.

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are you sure it is suspect and not just a weapon timer?


The OP has probably mistaken a weapons timer for suspect timer indeed, as you do get a weapons timer when boosting.

You shouldn’t be able to do anything that gets you a suspect timer if your safeties are green.


are you sure this is the case? what is the icon of the timer?


That’s the icon for a weapons timer.

You aren’t suspect because of that, it just means you cannot take a gate or dock at an NPC station for a minute.

Perhaps his wording was incorrect. Allow me to interpret. People who boost should not be subject to not being able to dock or take a gate, period.

There’s good reason for boosters to have the weapons timer. If it didn’t exist, someone with the skills and ships to afford every bonused boosting ship hull can quickly iterate through them by: undocking, boosting 1 of Skirmish/Shield/Armor, docking, rinse repeat until everyone has all boosts.

And then there’s not a lot of counterplay. Fleets attacking a citadel are at a massive disadvantage as the defender’s boosting ships only very briefly undock+detether to grant the entire defense fleet boosts. While the attackers’ boosters have absolutely no such luxury.

You’re going to have to provide compelling ways to address the very reasons these timers exist in the first place, not simply state an opinion as a demand.


I thought the forum title would lend enough biases for people to understand we are talking about Miner boosting. But I digress…

And here I was thinking you’d be able to put the two and two together, because it’s still the same problem. Mining fleet sits in belt. Orca undocks, warps in, boosts, picks up ore, docks. The Orca spends very little time in space risking itself. No need for industrial core to make it a fat stationary target. Little risked, a lot gained.

That’s not including all the time CCP would have to spend on engineering hours ungluing “mining boosts” from the rest of the common boosting codebase.

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You are incorrect. The Orca flys out into the belt, boosts and compress, and stays in the belt.

With Weapons Timer of boosting gone, compression is no longer a draw to have in the belt. The only reason an Orca would ever stay in a belt is for the additional boosting power the Industrial Core provides. So then New Eden capsuleers decide between:

A) Not really risking an Orca, getting some boosts, and having perfectly protected compression
B) Risking an orca to get the additional boost power of an industrial core and not having perfectly protected compression

It is completely intellectually dishonest to declare “the correct answer” is that 100% of New Eden capsuleers using Orcas in High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec, and Wormhole space will always pick B if there were no longer weapons timers associated with Mining Boost.

Here is how the perfectly protected compression works. First, do the the low-risk glorified hauler & boost role I mentioned above. So you’re already rarely risking your orca as you collect uncompressed ore and keep the fleet boosted. Take all that uncompressed ore to an Upwell structure you have docking access rights to.

After the mining operation:

  1. Undock the Orca with a bunch of uncompressed ore. The Orca is tethered and 100% safe
  2. Use the Indy Core. There’s no more Weapons Timer, so the Orca is still tethered and 100% safe
  3. Compress the Ore. Deliver it to the structure. The compressed ore is 100% safe. The Orca is still tethered and 100% safe.
  4. Dock up, fill the hold with uncompressed ore, and repeat the whole procedure.

If one of your mining fleet alts or friends has a T1 hauler, in step 3 they can repeatedly undock a T1 with uncompressed ore – which is also tethered and 100% safe – and feed it to the Orca. The whole operation of compressing ore is now 100% safety guaranteed by tether. Nothing risked at all.

It is dishonest to assert that there is absolutely no risk-averse capsuleer anywhere in New Eden that would take advantage of there being no weapons timer and run fleets exactly like this to avoid Code/Safety/etc ganks in high sec, pirates in low sec, and blops cyno-ers in nullsec, and the eternal spectre of PVP in WH space.

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Turn off the boosts before you warp to station. The orca takes so long to align and so long to travel by the time you get to the station the timer is gone.

I’ve never had this be an issue apart from when i fire out a boost right before I go into warp. Which is solved by above.

These modules no doubt share a code base with other boosting modules so it would be a lot of work to make what is at best a really minor QOL improvement that impacts a very small amount of players. It’s not worth it.

As someone that’s racked up hundreds of not thousands of hours in an orca this has never been a problem for me.

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This problem is easily solved indeed by turning off your boosts before you warp to a station or gate.

There might be a moment that you didn’t plan to warp to a station but were about to get attacked by hostile players, so you warp to station just after firing a boost and cannot dock.

That second problem is also easily avoided by warping first to a safe bookmark instead. Which also makes sure you don’t land in a bubble that the hostiles placed between you and the station if you’re mining in the more dangerous parts of space.

Or, if the boosts only hit Exhumers, then no penalty.

More exceptions?

Rules should be simple. I see no reason why there should be an exception that ‘boosts give a combat timer, except if it is a mining boosts that hits no other ships than exhumers’. It’s confusing for players, unnecessary extra work for developers and doesn’t follow the KISS principle.

What if it boosts a non-exhumer mining ship? A Porpoise? Boosts a Barge? Or a Venture? What if you boost a mining Gnosis? Or a Gnosis that has some mining lasers but also guns, does that count as mining ship? And what if your Orca also has shield boosts and fires them together with the mining boosts, does it still get a combat timer now, even though it’s only boosting mining ships?

All sorts of questionable cases that you introduce when you add weird exceptions.

Keep it simple: boost = combat action → combat timer.

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Exactly Keep it simple: Mining Boost = non combat action :point_right: non combatant timer.

This game already has said miner sitting in a belt stuck with Industial config cool down/compression cool down, alignment time, warp to safe, hopefully no bubble, safe log maybe hopefully no scanner probes, wait out supposed combatant timer ( i was only killing rocks wtf)
It’s not that hard for the devs to figure this out. Look at all they changes to mining they already have done. They can do it, just choose not to. If it’s a shield boost fine, gun boost too, I consider those combat boosts obviously. The programming code can differentiate between the two so it wouldn’t be so hard to have a not combatant timer.
And what would a combatant timer consist of. Well maybe no docking but you can tether for a certain period. And you can be bumped off tether so maybe that would work. But I would have to agree with Balcor Neon and Discova boosting for miners and getting a combatant timer is … dumb. Unless those rocks have feelings.
At least we don’t get a timer for shooting the mining lasers at rocks… ah ■■■■ ccp is gonna see this and start the ccp crap on the miner train again…

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yes CCP we the mining community beg you to make using orca and porpoise boosts in high sec cause suspect status. thank you.

Then the weapon timer doesn’t affect you in any way so why do you want it to be removed so badly?

Someone isn’t honest here…

lol, the sus is strong in this one. Because I constantly forget to turn my boosts off and end up at the station wondering why I can’t dock. Additionally, I think it is not right to punish a ship that is obviously not engaging in PVP, especially in high sec.

Hell a quick check of my zkill verifies that I am not nefarious.