Mining boost snafu

I have an issue with mining boost for fleet personal. My main fly’s an orca and has almost everything to lvl 5. I’m just and old bastard (78) trying to have a bit of fun and keep my mind going.

First time the orca was used everything was fine. Fleet work was great. Then one session the boost said screw you and shut down. Working with one fleet mate at the time. Prior top boost stopping the fleet mate had 96.x/s before boost and 65.x after boost applied. great lets party. After a few days the boost stopped working. Boost on or off was 96.x/s. I filed a support ticket and was told repackage the mining foreman booster on the orca and the ice harvesters on the fleet. Repackaging the mining foreman booster worked. \o/ Back in the mining business, then after a few days up in smoke again. The repackaging thing did not work this time. I filed another ticket and was told to file a bug report. I did that on Jan 8, 2019. It hasn’t been cleared yet (SIGH). My thought process, for what its worth, says if is a bug I wouldn’t be the only one having trouble?? Can’t find any issues anywhere from others.

My initial statement was as follows:
Well Zephyr, as I recall I didn’t do anything special.
John = Orca
Jeff = Skiff

    • I brought both John and Jeff on.
    • I had Jeff check system to see if ice belt was up.
  1. – I started Jeff toward the system at 0 distance
  2. – Brought John out of hanger
  3. – I had John establish fleet with Jeff
  4. – I had Jeff start mining as soon as he made contact with belt to 0 distance
  5. – I had John apply burst module and targeted same ice Jeff was mining
  6. – John started mining with drone
    at this point I kept an eye on Jeff for burst affect. all o.k.
  7. – Invited another player into fleet
    at this point I again watched Jeff for burst affect. all o.k.
  8. – The Orca became full
  9. – John broke off and travelled to unload
  10. – After unloading John travelled back to Jeff and applied burst affect
    • I checked Jeff and saw there was no bonus
    • I asked other miner in fleet to check for burst bonus. Of course he had none.
  11. – John returned to hanger and do the package thing. Returned to ice belt. - No Joy

Tried again just now at 1222/eve Jan 4, 19… no Joy

Any guidance appreciated

Do you still have charges to load into the boosts to turn them on?

You sound really detailed but just be sure you did check to be sure the right pilot was fleet/squadron booster.

Did you wait a couple of seconds after Jeff landed back on grid? After falling out of warp, even if you start any modules, Jeff would normally not get boosts for a bit. I’m not exactly sure how long it takes, but maybe around 10 seconds before he can receive boosts. If you boost too early in that scenario, Jeff would only get the boost after the 2nd boost cycle.

Didnt the fleet booster position get made irrelevant by the new stuff.

Anyway. Thoughts.
Did you turn auto cycle off. Check on right click.
Did it run out of charges, reload and need restarting.

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Sounds like a bug all right.

CCPlease fix.

yes plenty of charges

So there are a few things you need to check for.

a). Is your fleet mates within range of the boosts?
b). Do you have your orca pilot in the right position in the fleet?
c). on the character in question that is receiving the boosts, can you see the boost being applied right above the capacitor on the screen?

Yes, in fact several burst cycles

yes i did

in every instance the boost icon lights above the shield status indicator

not sure this old mind understands what u are asking??

a,b & c all equal yes

If you’re saying yes to c, then mining boosts have been applied.

no to both queries

Yes, waited several sec/min??

did you send a ticket to ccp?

also if you did what did they say?

Just to reiterate, step by step. Please check:

  1. Char 1 has the skills to fly an Orca and has some level of Mining Booster skills. You did not extract them. This char can equip, online and activate a boost module.

  2. Char 2 has the skills to fly any mining ship and can use the modules equipped to it.

  3. Both chars undock.

  4. Either of them invites the other into a common fleet. The respective other accepts. They are both in the same fleet and see each other “pink”.

  5. You warp both of them to the same Asteroid belt, in close vicinity to each other. How close, depends on your Command skills on Char 1. For test purposes try different ranges, between your regular boost range and for debugging try <5 km as well.

  6. You wait a few seconds after both have landed. You focus on Char 1 (the booster), activate the boosts and see a message like “Your xyz boost has been applied to 1 fleet member”. Now you look at Char 2. You can see the boost indicator above the shield status.

  7. You start mining with boosts.

  8. Char 2 has a full ore hold and you warp off to unload in a station. You dock. Unload. Undock. Re-warp to Char 1.

  9. In the meantime Char 1 continued to mine with his Orca drones. For this he needs no mining boosts, but a) he left them on or b) he de-activated them after Char 2 warped to station. Try both versions please and note if there is any difference.

  10. Re-check if both are still in the same fleet. Do they see each other as “pink”? Are they indeed on the same grid, meaning: do you see the respective other char on screen after the re-warp? Are they close enough to each other - try as mentioned above: assuming a range bug, be very close or try the usual boost range.

  11. Wait 10-15 seconds after Char 2 has landed back on the same grid. If under 9. you have chosen a) to conitnue boosting, start mining with Char 2. The boost should apply the next boosting round. If you have chosen b) repeat the steps under 6. Either way, check on Char 1 if the message “Your xyz boost has been applied to 1 fleet member” does show up on the start of the next boost cycle.

  12. Check if on both chars you have the boost indicator. Char 1 has it? Char 2 has it? Char 1 (the booster) is not anywhere near running out of booster charges and is comfortably boosting. They are still in the same fleet, not too far away, on the same grid, e.g. they see each other in space.

  13. The expectation would be that the boosts of Char 1 apply to Char 2, just as they did when they warped to the belt together as you’ve described.

  14. You’ve said you are seeing the boost indicator, but boosts are not applying. Go into the fitting window while this is happening (in space, while mining and being boosted) of Char 2. Click “info” on the mining module and look for green color-marked values such as range of the module. Are they showing the values you would expect from the boosts? Make a note of it. Both for range and for duration of course.

If you check all of this and after the correct re-warp Char 1 boosts do not apply to Char 2, you have to talk to CCP about it.

Either, it is a problem with the grid. Fleet boosts now only apply for pilots on the same grid and limited by boosting skills in range. As soon as you see the boost indicator above Char 2 shield status indicator (as you said), this should actually not be the issue. As mentioned under 14) check also if the mining modules indicate the correct (boosted) range and duration.

If all of this is correct, what exactly is the mistake? Is your mining range limited to un-boosted range despite showing the correct range? Is your mining cycle as long as the unboosted cycle time?

Did you re-load the mining boost mods while Char 2 warped off and accidentally loaded range-boosts into both boost mods, instead of one range and one duration? You can check this by using mouseover on the boost icon on Char 2 or by using right-click on the booster mod icons on Char 1.

If everything shows correctly, the correct boost scripts are loaded, you are on grid, in the same fleet, the icon shows, the message “… has been applied…” shows, the info-window for mining mods show the correct values and still you are not getting the result:

Can you post the fit of Char 2 (the miner)? Does he use any non-standard mining upgrade module?

Does other mining boosts apply, e.g. does a range boost apply in the exact same situation? Is it only the duration boost that does not work?

Did you change “positions” in the fleet window at some point? Did you online/offline any modules on either of the Chars at any point during the test?

Are you doing anything else that I can’t think of right now? Are you eating any Agency Boosters or something like that?

wow, very thorough. I will most certainly address each point one by one and let you know out come as soon as I can. real life has me right now… Thank you

1.) Char 1 has all skills to lvls 4/5
2.) yes
3.) yes
4.) yes
5.) Yes same belt, same target tried 0 - 10 km - no joy
6.) yes
7.) yes
8/9) No, upon full ore hold load is jettisoned for orca pick up
Only when orca is full is there separation between char 1 & 2.
Orca Char 1 travel to un load. Char 2 keeps mining.
Orca Char 1 travels back to char two with-in 0 - 10 clicks. applies boost to fleet. no joy
10.) per #8 positions never change until orca travels
11.) Mag shows in every instance
12.) Affirm to all
13.) Agreed
14.) I need to check this yet

when both char became active in ice mining everything worked fine. Both on high lvls. Mostly 5 some 4. The first time this happened I sent in a ticket on for the issue. Senior GM Zephyr was assigned. After some conversation he told me to:

“Zephyr” Jan 4, 2019
One thing I do want to ask you to try is to repackage the Ice Harvesters on your Skiff belonging to Jeff Storm, and then do the same for the Mining Foreman Bursts on the Orca belonging to John Storm. This is a rather simple trick which can sometimes fix anomalies like this
I did and Bingo I was back in business.
But it gave up again. Jan 8, 2019. The repackage did not work this time. Was told to turn in a bug report. I did and here I sit - No Joy

I don’t understand how this can be just a bug without affecting everyone using burst? I find myself wanting to delete the client and reload Eve. But, I am afraid to. Don’t know what I might loose. I am not that much into computer how’s and whys?? I am 78yrs old and slowing down. Just trying to have some fun and keep my brain active!!! Have heard nothing on my bug report?? Any help would be appreciated!!

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Thanks for the thorough test.

Try checking this if you find the time. (it can help us narrow down where the bug is happening)

And please combine with

  1. Use two command bursts in your described situation (after Orca re-warp) and check them individually. Is only the mining duration burst not functioning or range burst as well? What happens if you reload charges after landing back on grid with the Orca?

From your extensive testing it would look like the bug is happening either in the calculation of % of mining burst (on John Storm) or that during the calculation of mining amount/duration (on Jeff Storm) the mining burst is not at all applied. In the first case one might expect a 0% boost (never heard of it, but let’s check that):

I would guess if you check

  1. On Jeff Storm, after having gotten the mining burst (in said situation after Orca re-warp), mouse over the burst indicator and note the number it shows. It should give you information about how strong the boost you’re receiving actually is. (Is it the correct number or is something weird here?)

You might see the numbers you’re expecting, which really only leaves the calculation on the Skiff.

I’m going to make a small number of assumptions. Feel free to test them out. Let’s say you do as you normally do until the moment you have to warp the Orca off. We start here. Three proposals:

A) After warping the Orca back to Jeff, logout Jeff and log back in. Re-invite him to fleet and see if it works again.

B) Before warping the Orca back to Jeff, stop the mining cycle on Jeff. Let the Orca land, wait a few seconds, apply the boost and only then start mining with Jeff again.

C) Warp back both John and Jeff and re-warp them together instead of only the Orca.

If any of that worked, my working assumption of the bug would be:

After the Orca warping off, Jeff falls back to mining without the boost - as expected. When the Orca warps back to the Skiff (Jeff), it applies its mining boosts successfully, but since Jeff is currently in a mining cycle, the boost does not actually apply for this cycle. Now the bug occurs, because the Skiff has received is boost, but the yield cannot be changed during the cycle. And here it gets stuck and does not do a correct re-calculation of the boosts in the next boost and/or mining cycle. Since your burst skill on John is good, you have an overlap of the burst cycles, i.e. one burst replaces the other while it is still active. This may be related to why the Skiff/Jeff/his modules stay stuck in the first calculation of how the burst affect the yield (an actual value, but can’t be allowed to apply while the cycle is running).