Can we have a SUSPECT TIMER for people mining Athanors that are NOT no the Athanors owners access list?
My Athanor spawns a roid field, then 17 Skifffs and 3 Orca,s warp in and STRIP ALL THE ORE, they are all in NPC corps so there is NOTHING I can do to Stop them,
GANKING is not an option as all the skiffs are well tanked, and the Orca,s are NOT using drones, they are only there for fleet boosting and ore storage.
I Cant Dec them as they are in NPC corps



Regardless of what I think of it, one thing I may tell you for sure is that you’re the first one to ask for this. There are no other threads where this has been discussed to death already. Glad we finally have one where it can be discussed for the first time ever…


Now if only there were a corporation of sorts with people whom like to gank mining ships for a fee or sorts.
Those with some sort of CODE they live by or something. If only there was a way.

My apologies for that preposterous idea.


Now if only there were some kind of space, special systems perhaps, where you could attack any ship that bothers you without any fear of concord’s retaliation. I wonder where such place might be. Now, we must search the universe thoroughly to find said place.


Welcome to High Sec, you don’t own that moon. If you’d like to own the moon and defend it’s profits move to Lowsec, Null sec, or Wormholes.


This topic was discussed quite extensively in another thread- with much debate on both sides. You should check it out:


All high sec mining should generate a suspect flag.

Like giant space empires are just going to go around handing out mineral rights or something. :roll_eyes:


OP is right, but it should make any one not in the corp or alliance suspect. Either be war eligible or suspect if you wanna moon mine.


Instead of pleading to CCP, what have you done to stop him/her/them/it ?


Once more…

Two options:

  1. Put it in LS/NS, and shoot anyone you want. Accept more risk for more profit.
  2. Put in HS, have Concord protection, but deal with ninja miners in other ways (bumping, outmining, mercs, wardecs, etc.) Less risk, less profit.

Working as intended.



There are not. CODE. won’t do it because they are not there for you to hire, smaller groups won’t do it because they don’t have enough dps/ppls/alt to break tanked orca or skiff or it would cost hundreds of milions to do it with Vexors/Taloses.

If someone is ganking miners then he is ganking low tank ships or untanked ships because it takes less numbers. Or they gank blingy mining ships so whatever the cost to gank them it is worth it. And generally, miner ganking is on decline.

And these “thief” skiffs and Orcas are not blingy and are max tanked against ganking.

Your only option is bumping, maybe you can hire some players who would be doing that for small fee. In either case, you lost already because if you choose to deal with them you are wasting time and you are not mining. If you don’t they “steal” considerable part of “your” belt. In fact, you lost that ore the moment you set up the Athanor. Pack it up and try moving to some less populated area or do what they did to you and go stealing someone elses ore.

Your next tier of options are;

Set unusual time for the detonation of the moon piece, to avoid peek time player activity.

Or co-ordinate with your alliance/corporation, that as many as miners and boosts possible to be active at the detonation. You immediately commence to concerted effort to mine the most valuable of the ores.

No one else is going to help you, not other players or CCP. You are wholly reliant on your willingness to be organised and be competitive. This is what the game means.

Or, do not bother with moon mining and stick with it in the asteroid belts.


First of don’t speak for Code.
Secondly Code is a very big community and is always eager to thrash miners whatever ship they use.
Thirdly, the lord protector has a ship replacement program.
As a final note, don’t speak for the community that makes you appear very egocentric.

Ganking is always an option. This just tells us that ganking these particular ‘intruders’ is not worth it (to you). You could always just shutdown the Athanor (you know, don’t put rocks out there for the ‘bad people’ to mine), easily fixed.



I am basically quoting your “fellow” posts from the other thread on this subject. If they don’t talk for whole allmighty CODE. then deal that with them first.

Sure it is always the option. But there is a reason why nobody is ganking the bot fleets in Skiffs or/and Orcas mining basically every ice belt in highsec.

I know no ganker (corporation) who would find that even remotely interesting. It is pointless. Not even allmighty CODE. with their ship replacement program coming from goons money from Delve and idiots who donates to them are doing it.

Is it because they’re not bots? If they were you could report them, and CCP would ban them… but please, do carry on with your hyperbole.


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They behave like a bot, they smell like a bot, only CCP says (indirectly by the fact that they are allowed to do it) they aren’t bot.

Even if there is a an actual human being behind these fleets, which is possible, the actual gameplay looks exactly like a botting would look like.

Also, you know exactly what I mean. Don’t play stupid.

Anyone who does mining looks like bot unless orbiting asteroids in squares :sweat_smile: