Ninja moon Miners

Just wanted to ask the athanor owners how you deal with random ninja miners. I am in a area where a fleet of 6 Orcas will wrap in and mine our moons and not tip or say anthing in local , or answer eve mail.

I am sure their all the same person because they warp in and out at the same time, but there all in NPC corps. So of course you cant war deck them ect. And I dont have enough corp members or ingame friends to Alpha and Orca.

Anything you do to stop this kind of activaty?

yes. Stop your athanor.

This topic was discussed very recently- a bit heatedly at times. But this thread may be of interest to you:

Thank you for the info. Yes I guess I should have looked harder.

This topic is like beating the dead horse. sorry

So you can’t even defend one moon, and you have multiple moons?

Unless you want to bump the Orca out of drone control range, the solution is to stop caring or to get all your guys together to mine out the rocks from under them.

Also, maybe report them as bots.


If they are in an Orca, you can easily bump them many kilometers with a Mach. If they reship to Ventures and start orbiting asteroids, I guess that would make getting rid of them a bit more complicated.

Even a moving Orca is pretty easy to bump.

If they move to orbiting Ventures/Barges then you can rest easy knowing that you have completely tanked their ISK/hr.

Concentrated mining their roids and bumping the Orcas around so that the drones travel for ages are the best remedies. You could also try to welp a few Taloses into their Orcas but that would probably cost you more than these Orcas are worth and it would cost you a lot more than your moon chunk is worth.

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Bump them, mine their rocks with covetors, gank their drones (can be done with a sub 500k fit)

I wonder if I can get into the business of bumping ninja miners. Would anyone actually pay for such a service?

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actually, in eve, you can be what you want. At eve-amsterdam I have met a guy whose “career” was “be a spy”: he was used to joining any big alliance with an alt, change his voice (accent etc) and learn infos from inside for several months (doctrines, stagings, fcs, etc), and then to contacting current enemies to sell them the infos. That’s the kind of things which makes eve a game different from usual mmos. So yes, you can try it. The problem will be how to find customers, etc. But you can try it, at least for the fun of starting a new activity.

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Move your Athanor to low or null sec. There you will be able to defend it against anyone. But that takes effort, so I guess you’ll just have to try and bump them out of range or have disposeable alts you can use to destroy their drones. Thanks to alts you do not have to worry about any negative thing or risk.

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Not sure as they can’t know if your alts/friends are the thieves. They won’t loose rocks, then pay someone to blow up disposeable ships only to have them come back later as you’ll need even more ISK. The “trust no one” tanked quite a lot of professions like bounty hunter as people would just alt-pod themselves for dank isk from the person who’s freighter they just wrecked. This space has too many very intelligent pirates/criminals.

I did set up a refiner to moon mine in a low sec system, but some trash pirates apparently did not like that so as soon as the 24 hours was up a titan blew it up.

Heck i am not paying 4b a month to some trash pirates.


I feel like there’s some missing info here, did they say you can keep your structure if you pay them 4b? Or are you saying it would cost 4b to defend it?

Did they blow up your structure because you called them “trash pirates”?

Haha that’s great. I hope they keep it up.

I was told to pay 4b and for that the corp in question would not attack my station or corp members.
The guy in the titan not sure if he was part of it or not, i did not get permission to place a station in “their” system. Anyway by the time i even saw the mail my station was destroyed anyway.

I called them trash after the fact, i just hate criminals, but i can’t fight a titan, but i am sure many would be glad to just for the killmail :slight_smile:

I assume you realize everything you fly/shoot and so on comes from someone mining the resources :slight_smile:

lol, I buy it all from this one guy who has 6 alts and runs orcas off somebody else’s athanor

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