The Cynosural Exit Effect

So, when you jump a cyno or even a stargate now a days you get this totally awesome effect that shows you to what star you’ve just zapped.

I absolutely love that, it gives a sense of “space” in our space as to where places (stars) are.

Could we get the same effect when exiting a cyno?
At the moment you get this, in my opinion, ugly red “splash” and thats it.

It would be way, waaay more awesome to see something more like a coming out of a insanely fast warp, much like the Enter/Exit effects on the new Anisblex Gates. Imagine something like Star Wars movie warp-ins.

Please CCP. Thank you and have a good day.


This sounds pretty cool, can’t promise it will happen but we’ll keep it in mind!


That does sound pretty epic.

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awesome wow

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