Gate Firing Effects 6 November, 2018

Hello Capsuleers.

We’ve gotten a lot of great constructive feedback on the update to jumpgate effects, and made several changes in response. We have some future visual iterations on the drawing board for this feature already, but as always, we’d love to read additional input on the effects. The current version will be featured in the Mass Test on November 6th.

Please comment here regarding any of the following for those versions:

  • the gates’ standing visual effects

  • the gate information holograms (including faction banners and destination info)

  • the departure and arrival effects for third parties

  • the visuals you experience jumping yourself

We are particularly concerned here with the quality and “readability” of the effects; whether or not they convey game information and represent well the actions being taken by capsuleers in New Eden, but any comments are welcome.

Does this include the Ansiblex jump gates?


It certainly does.

Any and all feedback on the visuals for jumpgate effects is welcome.

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loving the gate effects and the new activity tracker

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I think the new gate effect is too bright.It shines my eyes!

The new visuals are beautiful, and will certainly be helpful if there were ever not going to be local chat anymore , to see how many actually jumped in. Didn’t get to see much of it going both ways at the same time in the mass test though.

well, I’m pretty sure the light trail are in different color for jumping in (blue) and jumping out (brown? yellow?)

The new effects look awesome and I like how you can count how many people are jumping into a system now.

They look good, may be a little blurry, I’m running at 1080 and took this
No bugs to report, although I saw a few people dc.

Amazing, Great job

The gate styles/graphics very nice, the smaller gate symbols could do with being a little bigger but other than that very pleasing to the eye.

I love the light streaks, However I feel the 3D visuals of the gates information, like banners, security status and all that, could be enlarged to be easier to see and read on small screens.

Also Warp should get touched up a bit to use similar light streaks as the new gates!

The incoming and outgoing effects are very very pretty on my 1070. The only that i have a little of an uncomfortable feeling is the approach effect coming from warping to the gate from within system. The Particle trail seems to behave strangely. It doesnt feel natural i guess is what i am trying to say

I thought the effects from the gates looked pretty good.

The info holograms are a bit hard to read at low graphic settings (I run on a Surface Pro 1, so not exactly good computer to use as a benchmark). I really like the provided information however.

The Upwell Gate seemed to process smoother than the others. Might have just been visual but it seemed to perform “better” visually (time to position ship to jump, jump entry and exit).

Love the addition of a gate tax.

The gate itself looked like a normal gate to me, nothing really special.

The firing effect was different, I kept mistaking it for a cannon firing or something like a cyno. And speaking of cynos… that’s what the jump looked liked, not the typical “invisble before loading ammo” but melt into nothing then get shot out of the fancy space gun.

Readability, well, the fact I couldn’t see them should be a good indication, all effects were on high and such.

  • the gates’ standing visual effects
    Looks fascinating

  • the gate information holograms (including faction banners and destination info)
    Maybe a little too hard to understand at first glance

  • the departure and arrival effects for third parties

  • the visuals you experience jumping yourself
    “Hey I jumped…” (Was there anything new there too?) ^^"

The light trail looks good, although it seems funny when the light trail looks like coming from planet.

Some feedback:

  • Maybe the symbol in the gate can be bigger? Looks a bit small to me

The 3D visuals were very small. I could not see the effects because of all the fireworks. The first warp I had some black pixelation on the jump gate graphics which I do not normally get. I used to before I upgraded my graphics card. The graphic effects while using the gate were no different to usual.

Looks all nice and shiny :sunglasses:

Sitting in a dark room, the “Gatefire” is way too bright, but thats my personal kind of problem. Overall those effects, even though they blind me, look cool. The kind of blurry thing looks to me like a feature. I’m as happy as i can be.