Gate Firing Effects 6 November, 2018

(Trey-Gowdy) #21

I love the new gate effects!!!

(Saeka Tyr) #22

i think the new gate VFX are amazing.

also, the incoming/outgoing VFX specifically communicate comings and goings really well. i like it.

gate info holograms you really have to zoom in and look at and i don’t think they are that meaningful unless you can find a way to show them on the UI.

(CCP Habakuk) #23

The show info window for the gate contains them as well with a short explanation for those who are not sure what the different icons are.

(Saeka Tyr) #24

ah, didn’t see the “show info” part.

i was thinking something more like a UI element that shows up on screen, but i can see how that’d be cluttery.

(Rom Freem) #25

Bring back the stargate effect of curvature of space and lensing light. What kind of magic garbage did you draw? Kindergarten!!!

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