Camera Improvement Suggestion - Default "Chase Mode" in Orbit Camera


I’m looking forward to hear what people think about this.


  • I don’t really like Dynamic Camera Movements (DCM) because my ship is always stuck on the left side of the screen and I’d like it to be centered;
  • The auto-tracking feature without DCM actually keeps my ship in the center of the screen, but completely obscuring the target;
  • There is already a “Chase Mode” Camera which is annoyingly obtained activating the auto-tracking and then manually clicking on my ship;

…the idea would be to set the “Chase Mode” as a Default when using Orbit Camera so that my ship would remain in the center, while tracking the target without obscuring it.

I hope this video below can clarify the concept:

EVE Online - Camera - Chase Mode

While I have no experience with the dynamic camera movements (I usually turn self-moving cameras off as soon as I can in games to avoid a headache), I noticed this:

Have you tried playing with this slider?

I’m not sure if it will help you, but it might be able to move your ship more to the other side of the screen.

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Thank you for the suggestion.

Actually I tried playing a little bit with that option but it just shifts the entire camera left and right, without really affecting the relative position of the ship to the target.

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