Custom Tracking position implementation for Incarna Camera

Custom tracking position was a very important feature for the camera.
With this feature selected target was always visible and not hidden behind my own ship.
I do not even want to count the days and weeks as long this feature is not implemented.
Incarna camera with dynamic movement is not the same and after more than a year Incarna camera has many problems. Dynamic movement for tracking objects is not optimized, the ship is still often hidden behind the windows or disappears from the screen at all, the zoom level is reset frequently and this centering before rotation is a disaster.
I don’t need dynamic movement, I just want to see my target, kill some REDs and RATs but now i can only mine ore, hunt for few relics and manage planetary colonies. but this is not EVE.
So I have only one question. When will Custom Tracking Position be implemented for Incarna camera?


I support Custom Tracking Position. It’s just more fun!


I thought I was going crazy trying to figure this out. Why was this feature removed? It was great! Tracking camera is now so frustrating. If I want to track something, I want to see it…I don’t have xray vision allowing me to see through my ship!

Bring back the custom tracking position!

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Srly i want that feature back…

Yeah I really miss this feature. Kinda frustrating not being able to watch what you’re tracking around your ship. It’s a real buzzkill when you’re trying to watch a beautiful fight conclude and you have to keep spinning your camera.

Also, while you’re at it. Could you separate out the docking/undocking animations from the dynamic zoom in the Dynamic Camera Movement setting. The docking/undocking is cool but the dynamic zoom is entirely unplayable from any perspective other than mining.