Close please!

Close please.

sounds like the PEBKAC bug

I see… well, I guess making a thread outside of New Citizen Q&A leaves the forum user open to troll’s crap.
Might as well close it and stick to the Likes thread.

@ISD_Drew Please close this thread.
Much thanks!

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It’s no use to make threads in this forum. Especially to complain about anything EVE. The trolls love those threads.

Which camera angle are you using? First person, orbit, or tactical?

How about you just turn off Autotracking? Press Shift C and it should turn this behavior off.

This has nothing to do with trolls as some trolls suggested. You simply activated a game feature without realizing it. That can happen.

Doesn’t matter. The issue got solved with a log-off/log-on.
Thanks for your reply.

The feature was put in the game by devs to be used by players. I don’t see why I shouldn’t use it. What feature would you like me not to use next, the Warp button? login button, too? Or maybe the Shoot button. LOL

Thank you for your reply.

@ISD_Traindriver Would you please close this thread?

… says the Troll.

I mean, you seem to have a problem with this feature. And quite frankly, the standard Orbit Camera is so much better than the Autotracking camera. Just because I click on something, I don’t necessarily want my camera to look in that direction. If I really want that, I press Alt and click on something to make that happen. This intentional Camera Tracking when You really want it is a much better use of the tracking feature than the indiscriminate autotracking that distracts and confuses more than it helps. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of the Alt-click, thank you.

But the autotracking helps me a lot in different ways. Like in Travel, I don’t have to look for the next gate in the busy Overview. Also, while ratting, I don’t have to try and click on an enemy in the busy Overview everytime I finish with one, I can simply click on the targets I targeted first and once and it gets tracked automatically… The thing is, the game is buggy, has connectivity issue, there’s lag and freezes and now I’m supposed to forget about something intended by the devs… I mean, will someone next suggest to stop playing the game to solve an issue?

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