Ship Camera Center(s) a bit off on some models?

Title. Got the feeling on some hulls the camera center is… strange. For example on a thorax, its way to far behind - the front is already behind my camera, so im staring at the “inside” of the model.

Thorax isnt that bad on this topic, but i got the feeling the camera center is “off” on many hulls currently, mostly too far to the “heck”. Anyone got the same feeling on some hulls? Ofcourse, most models are unproblematic.

Edit: In space now, the thorax model suddenly… changed its center. Its actually in station, where its so off. Mh.

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Try turning off dynamic camera movement. The COV changes as you ship does things (like warping).

Its off, im talking from static views ofcourse (and cam resetted). I double checked - docked the thorax had another camera center as in space. Weird.