Camera Offset Issues (Docked vs Undocked)

Something that’s been bothering me with the camera and how the ‘center’ for the 3rd person camera to swing around a ship changes depending on whether your in station/docked or out in space.

The long and short: Docked, the camera swings around the ships relative center of mass. In space it swings around an invisible spot at the most forward point of the ship’s geometry.

The latter feels terrible as far as viewing my own ship when flying around in space, and it begs the question of why the camera position changes at all in the transition between docked and not.

If anything I’d personally prefer to always have my camera centered on my ships center of mass - that way, even if I zoom in too far, I’m centered on my ship, not some indistinct point somewhere ahead of it.

Just did some testing: The issue is being caused by the ‘Dynamic Camera Movement’ option - disabling this option corrects the camera orientation.

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