Camera fix

This is an idea I had, and if it already available please let me know. When u docking from a station you are looking at the station with your ship in front of it in orbital mode. This causes a problem when unlocking from npc stations in that you are not tethered. What I mean by that is if you need to warp to a safe spot as soon as you undock you have to either have your places pulled up, or right click in space. But since you are facing the station when you right click you get station options.

What I am proposing is an option in the settings to turn off “look at ship” on undock. This not only will make it safer unlocking but make the graphics loading process faster. When looking at the station there are a lot of moving parts and graphics thus slowing down the loading process.

This would also be nice for gates as well if the camera could stay in the position you left it when you jump through the gate.
Also the option to turn off the circle of options around the mouse would be nice. Sometimes you warp to a location on accident just because you are trying to rotate the camera.

I know a lot of people will say then switch to a different camera mode, but I do like looking at the beauty of the ship graphics and don’t want to have to keep switching modes when I dock or jump.

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There’s already an option that does the first part.

The option is called disable §Dynamic Camera Movement". In general, you should disable all the camera settings because they are all useless and make the game harder. They are only ever “useful” if you do some sort of cinematics for a video. If you turned off DCM, the camera won’t move around when you undock and stays at the same perspective from when you docked, which means you can have the camera face away from the station towards your insta undocks all the time.

You do realize that when you undock, you´re invulnerable for about 30 seconds, unless you do something like braking, changing your direction or activating a module? That should be enough time to turn the camera wherever you want

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