Exterior Station Camera When Docked

That’s right… I said it… Unblind players at the stations so they can see what is going on outside stations while docked… It would allow players to see what is lurking outside before they undock…while allowing gankers to take advantage of it in other ganking schemes… I would enjoy being able to watch ships undocking and pvp battles outside stations while I work on other things… Seems like it would be pretty easy to implement with the pre-existing camera mechanics … Undock gankers may not like loosing the element of surprise, but they certainly could use it to their own advantage in stalking prey… Lol… This would also help retain new players by giving them a more even playing field to contend with station gankers… Okay, bash away… Lol… :rofl:

this is already in the game

Upwell structures are not statiions.

There are no stations that have the exterior camera view while docked.

Also, -1 to the idea. Aside from kickout stations, there is always plenty of invulerable time to react to any issue when undocking and insta-undock bookamarks provide an unbeatable counter to any risk on undocking.


There used to be and probably still is an advantage to having your own sta and being able to look out before undocking. Keep it the way it is please.

Gonna go with a hard no on this one dawg :smiley:

Just park an alpha outside the station. There’s your window.

And the bonus is that no matter how much these NPCs whine in the forum, CCP will never take that away from you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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