DEVS: Blinding docked pilots is not realistic and should have outside camera and overview ability

Deliberately blinding docked pilots to what is outside stations is totally unrealistic… Docked pilots should at least have live outside camera ability and overview to see what they are going to be undocking into… Gankers won’t like losing this advantage, but it would open a new dimension of station-based ganking schemes…

You do realize that you are not blind.

You are invulnerable after undocking for a certain amount of time.

You are tethered while you are in range.

Both options allow you to see what is outside without ever putting yourself in harms way, and are applicable to all stations, player owned or otherwise.


Such as…?

Nothing is realistic in EvE.


There are some stations (kickout) where you will get beyond docking range with the invulnerability timer. So there is a small argument supporting this feature.

Wouldn’t really be much use outside of npc stations in null and whs, since all other stations you are fine with an insta-undock bookmark. So you would basically only use this feature, to check if the undock is bubbled.

Another way, would be for CCP to just adjust the docking process and make it uniform. As in keeping players within docking range, while having the invulnerable timer.

Excuse me what? That escalated quickly…

Maybe relax there buddy and go for a walk.


Where did my post show any signs that justifies your response?

You wrote personal attacks for what? Pretty sure I see nothing offending in my post. So why you coming out swinging?

You insecure or something?

I thought you were one of the normal people, but I guess I was wrong.

Youre kidding me, right. Youre seriously offended by that? What do you do when someone uses profanity at you?

Or is this just an attempt at deflection?

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Kickouts have always just been a PITA. You’d have a better argument at normalizing the docking radii than altering actual game mechanics. Even then, neither are easy changes to implement from CCP’s perspective so neither will ever actually happen.

You learn how to avoid these types of stations as you play more so it’s more a temporary annoyance than one that’s long lasting. So I don’t actually agree that anything needs changing. Also, I hate homogenized systems, there’s no fun in it.

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Its only a problem if youre AFK for a sustained period of time. But if youre actually caring about not dying, then youll sit at your screen, see the black screen fade into the HUD and realize youre not alone.

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You called me mentally disabled for no reason at all. I’d say that is offending.

Again, if we were in a heated argument where jabs have been given on both sides, sure I’d be more tolerant.

However, given the post you responded to. I kinda feel this one came out of nowhere.

Anyway, not sure why I have to explain to you simple human interaction. I guess, it is normal for you to run around calling randoms mentally disabled?

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What advantage?
How incompetent are you?

Leave ship.
Undock in pod.
Hit CTRL+ENTER immediately.
Look around.
Dock up again.

Noob. :roll_eyes:

Not only that, you failed to explain how this …

… is supposed to be working.

Not that it matters, really, because we can check the outside already just fine.


I’m still waiting to see what

This means. Because this suggestion seems like more like a “I lost my ship to a gank that was waiting for me, and so to prevent that from happening, I want this change to make it easier for me.”

The “open a new dimension of station-based ganking schemes” part seems like a poorly thought out argument to try and disguise this suggestion from one that’s solely designed to make it the game easier for OP to participate in his specific activities.

I asked you if you were, because even in my years of playing with EVE and undocking from every single station that has existed, this isnt a problem that i find as anything more than a simple “undock, look, dock up” that should take more than 5 seconds.

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It is a common phenomenon to, eventually, stop losing sight for what’s important. The negativity and stupidity of others eventually infects high profile forum posters with bitterness. It’s normal, even I used to suffer from this. Fascinating phenomenon, really. Something something social environments form our behaviour.

The best way to deal with that is getting some distance, because distance is what has been lost. One literally gets lost in this, because it’s a social environment, with the downside that we’re not looking at humans, which makes us dehumanize them. It starts to more and more get “personal” despite nothing being “personal” and it’s usually outside of our mental grasp until we got some distance again.

And yeah, I know what the ■■■■ I’m talking about.

Take a break, mate.


You are totally blinded in the stations and don’t know what’s outside until you undock… No question about that… The invulnerability timer really doesn’t do anything to protect you against experienced gankers who can bump you off to get around it… As it stands, I have to scout with a frigate first to see if the coast is clear before undocking with valuable cargo… Seems a bit ridiculous to force this unrealistic condition just to give gankers an advantage over law-abiding pilots like myself trying to make an honest living … Lmao… :slight_smile:

Undocking: It’s not as simple as you think!

It was a thing. Not sure if they’ve fixed it, since I haven’t undocked from a kickout for some time.

The momentum of your initial speed got you beyond the 2500m docking range, even when spamming stop. Then when you’d try to dock, you’d have to slowboat to the docking range and you are vulnerable in that time.

Even then, it was rare for stations to do that but it was a thing.

The reason I believe it is not fixed, is cause warp to 0 on a station has also not been made uniform, i.e. sometimes you will land outside of docking range and then have to slowboat the last meters. This is why docking bookmarks are a thing.

Again, this is just discussing game mechanics. I honestly, see no point in your initial post. It’s fine if you disagree, my experience just tell me they were a thing (again not sure if CCP actually fixed this).

Feels like a pot and kettle situation here.

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There are these really cool player deployable structures, they have an option to look outside.

Okay, fair enough, and i apologize for my previous comments. Ive never experienced it in any meaningful way that would cause me to die, even to instalocking tornadoes that were waiting for me on undock.

Also, the link doesnt work, but there is another link.'s_not_as_simple_as_you_think!

which seems to fix the problem that the stations presented.

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