i was attacked at station and i was in pve ship so i hit dock thinking everything is gona be alright…nah…i cant dock,i cant warp because docking animation is in progress for like 15 sec,and finally i was killed by guns at station with 42.5% from player and rest was from the guns. player who attacked me got warning for aggression and i send all of ss to gm.but i feel stupid because i didnt play for few months…maybe this isnt bug? maybe its a new feature? i dont know can someone help me maybe? (reason i am writing here is…oh well i know i will wait for gm for few weeks so if someone explain to me whats going on i will delete my ticket) o7

Perfectly legal gameplay

what is legal? i know my english is not so good but i will try to explain again; i was attacked and killed by guns. thats not how game used to work.

Sec status, location

you sure you are “veteran”?

I’m assuming this is the kill in question.

I have shot at and been shot at several times at both station undocks and gates. And if you are defending you should never receive gate/station gun fire.

I would be curious if you didn’t get targeted (“yellow boxed”) and assumed they were already shooting you and shot them first, in which case you got tricked. In that case you would be the agressor, and would be the one getting station gun damage.

Also according to the killmail you were located 42+Km away from the station (obviously too far away to dock). So maybe a misclick, you aligned to a random point in space, or clicked orbit station instead of dock, lots of possibilities for mistakes when a fight you don’t anticipate happens.


Some how, you shot first. Maybe confusion, maybe habit, but you definitely shot first.

Looks like you tried to shoot, then dock, which didn’t work because you had a weapons timer. Since that Loki was not an eligible target, you got a suspect timer and the gate gun aggro.

The 43 km was weird. My best guess is that you tried to warp away, but the Loki was pointing or scramming you. Since you couldn’t warp you just traveled in a straight line until you eventually died to Loki + gate guns. Valuable lesson learned. Hope you can recover from that loss.


Just paste the logs, OP, then we’ll know for sure what happened.

How does one do that? I wanted to see which ship in a large group I was running from pointed me, but couldn’t scroll back far enough after I escaped to see which one it was (or whether it was a scram or long point). I would like to know because I have a horribly toxic antikite fit that I’d love to use on a kitey arty Firetail, if it happens to be a shield kite RFF.

Locating the Logs
Default location:
or if you run eve via steam+proton (recommended):
~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/8500/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/EVE/logs

macOS 10.13 (perhaps earlier):

macOS 10.9.5:
~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/User/My Documents/EVE
You may have to use the Finder’s “Go To Folder” functionality to open that directory, as the “Library” directory under your home directory is hidden by default.

MyDocuments → EVE → Logs
contains the logs as of Windows 7, depending on how you prefer to navigate.

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somehow i cant post logs (error) but here is ss

as you can see from my ss docking operation was already in progress so i was at station not 42km from it

You dont have docking access. Iirc, that symbol means you cant dock there

And as suspected you were in low sec.

Earlier when i asked about sec status, if your sec status is negative you can be attacked by npcs, similarly if you have negative standings to gallente you can be shot.

i live in that station and my sec status is something about 3. everything you said so far was so wrong.this is my first time here and i was wondering who are you? local troll or just someone who think he knows something?

Erm, no. The screenshot shows them 10km from the next NPC station … no docking possible at this distance, you must slowboat there first (setting course …). The log only shows player fire no sentry guns.

So for some reason you either auto-piloted to the station or warped at 10 or drifted away from undock. Anyway you got killed by a Loki sniper before reaching the docking perimeter. All within normal parameters.

jesus christ that was diferent system…is anyone here can help me plox?

OK, then look at the course of events, between you stopping the ship and undocking in Esmes is a timeframe of 5 minutes. What did your ship do in that time?

i post ss as proof that he was atacked me,only thing i was doing was hiting dock,when animation started you really cant do anything but dock.if you check zkill you can see more than 50% of dmg are from guns.

Please be open, and don’t make things up. The guns on your KM have nothing to do with sentries. Also the log is proof that you were never shot at by sentries. The gun fire recorded likely came from a previous PvE engagement in a site.

Facts: At the time of the kill you were 43km outside the station, you undocked from 7 min before that.

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docking in progress at 43km? i dont think so and btw those distances from zkill are usually very wrong.