Camera Feedback and Suggestions

So, I do quite a bit of Eve Online cinematic recording.

Before I go into requesting camera features, one of the biggest complaints I have is regarding the weapon effects when making kills in that all of the weapon effects applied to a target will cease at the same time whenever the target dies. It’s rather jarring. See here. That isn’t so much a camera issue as an effects gripe, but there it is.

Anyway, here are the camera effects that I’d like to see worked on or added:

  • Retaining FoV changes. Right now, the camera resets to a default Field of View as soon as you move it once an adjustment has been made. It’s really a pain whenever I set up for a shot and move the camera, causing the FoV to reset to default.

  • Manual Camera Track. In this particular scene, I wanted to keep the drifter in the center of the shot while the Eos passed by. Unfortunately, I hit the Pan Range barrier and couldn’t continue moving the camera (when the drifter starts trailing left), and thus had to reset the camera position. Having the ability to manually track the camera left/right would be great.

  • Macro Zoom. The ability to -REALLY- zoom in on the finer details of a ship or a distant object, like when wanting to get a closeup of turret bays. This would be great for those epic cinematic shots across a ship bow as something explodes in the background.

  • Lock Camera Position. Similar to a rarely seen camera trick in which the camera is mounted to the side of a vehicle, the ability to lock a camera position in relation to a target would be AMAZING, and when combined with the ‘Super Zoom’ mentioned above, could make for some really awesome shots. See below:

  • PoV Shot. Finally, the penultimate of badassery in camera shots: The Point of View shot. Needs no explanation, just a reference clip.


Macro-zoom and POV shots are possible with the current camera. If I’m honest OP, this is one of the absolute least important changes in terms of gameplay and QOL, I really don’t think the camera is that important.


Feel free to post a tutorial on this macro-zoom and PoV you say are possible.

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