Feature idea: The "combat action cam"

So the idea is the following. While doing combat in space you can switch to some kind of super immersive automated action cam. This system would actually do all the camera work for you. Based on the actual situation the camera switches constantly and automatically to different views like ie:

closeup view on your own ship from various angles (ie. when firing)
closeup view on the target from various angles (ie. when being hit)
camera spinning (very quickly) around both shooting and shot ship in an elliptic orbit
“bullet cam” (camera following ammonition and missiles from launch until impact)
showing both ships parallely in some kind of “splitscreen” mode
Kill Cam, Zoomin in/circling explosions.

I mean you get the idea. I think with some creativity you can create some really cool movie like effects and editing here. The universe is looks fantastic, the ships looks fantastic, the turret effects look fantastic now, we just need a better way to present this all together for people who like to actually watch whats going during combat.

Edit: This would be PVE eyecandy only and fully optional.

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3d-animated Chess vs. regular Chess. IMO, sure, as long as it’s completely optional, like you mentioned, because the focus of a Chess match is to win, and not necessarily to have full-featured cinematic combat cutscenes on every move.

As long as it’s optional and doesn’t cost any dev time? :wink:


An action cam would be fun to watch in any instance where a fight is going down and people are there solely to share it with the rest of the community (B-R, MTO-2, etc) but any other time it would be pointless.

Being optional and not costing dev time would be essential, as it’s just fluff and it’s a very uncommonly used fluff at that.

OP, I suggest that you simply hold alt and click on things, panning your camera as desired.

It may be a cool feature for twitch.tv streamers; we have a few.

Of course, if you feel that it would take too much dev time to implement, then perhaps they can make it cost PLEX to unlock so that only people who really want it use it.

Sure. All you need to win eve is pixel icons and the spreadsheet overview. The question is if looking at spreadsheets and pixel icons while grinding an anomaly, mission or other PVE content is enjoyable gaming experience in 2017 and helps to make new players come into and stick with the game. Sure you can help yourself to some extend with “look at” and manual camera work but obviously your options are very limited.

What must also be understood imho is that playing eve pve is not about efficiency, dank ticks and max. isk/hour for everyone. Some of us (like me) don’t care about that too much and look for a kindof sensual / emotional experience.

I’d rather they leave the camera alone. Since the changes they last did to it, it’s got more things about it that are annoying people didn’t want and has several features that were either lost or only partially restored. The irony is pointing out that this would be nice for twitch streamers given that features meant for streamers and movie makers were the very reasoning behind the current camera system’s status. Now to their credit, CCP did wind up fixing a lot of crap related to the camera afterwards along with making adjustments to make it more like the old system for those who preferred the old, but I still think the old camera was and still is better overall. I’ll concede that they did try to make the “new” camera system better and did make some pretty decent headway in that regard, but I think it’s better they came to a stopping point.

Old, simple, and straightforward is not always a good reason to overhaul.

uhm yeah the idea is not to change/overhaul something but to add something!

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