Not sure this the place to ask about CRG9 monitor

1st time to post here and I don’t see a “technical or hardware forum”for eve so apologies if I’m not posting in proper place.
I’m seriously thinking off getting a new monitor and it’s a Samsung CRG9 49” monitor.
My question to any of you who uses this monitor.
Since I only play EvE atm, will my single evga 1070gtx be able to handle this monitor while playing eve at full settings. Running it now on my conventional 27” monitor in full glory w/o any problems. But this monitor I’m about to order is twice the size of my current 27 and I’m worried my card doesn’t have enough power to run eve in maxed out setting. I’m not really ready to upgrade the card yet, only the monitor… also my cpu is only an i7 3770k running on a roc asus board with 16gb mem on board.

The sale will end and I’m gonna loose the discount so replies ASAP would be extremely helpful.

Ian hammer

Yes, it will run perfectly. That monitor has a pretty good “cpu” too

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