Iris Xe Graphics

I have my eye on a new Framework laptop for travel for business and with the family. I’m absolutely in love with the concept the company has, but they do not have any units with dedicated graphics. Eve is my only real game other than retro Dosbox stuff, so I am not concerned with having the best of the best AAA experience.

Anyone know how well Eve is running with Iris Xe Graphics?

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It states it supports DX 12.1 which is good but some speed comparisons show it to be below a GTX 1650 mobile which is… not great but it’ll work (if only because you buy a laptop to be used over several years, right now it’s “fine” in a few years it won’t be).

How well it’ll be supported when it comes to bugs and issues in games is highly questionable, neither the game company nor Iris will give one fck about some dude crying about how the two won’t pair well. When it DOES come to games it pays to stick with the norm and “what everyone else does”, so it’s probably not a great idea.

Thanks for the input!

i run eve in a 2014 mac
so probably you can run it in any potato

It’s not really about the speed THAT much, it’s about compatibility. CCP can’t even get rid of the flickering properly, it depends on your hard and software and that’s with mainstream stuff.

Do you REALLY think that in 2 years from now when they do an update that results in 3 people who suddenly have massive issues just because they’re running some weirdo GFX card that never took off and no one cares about anymore, they’re going to bother putting in effort and dev time to fix it? Or any other game company? That’s a big gamble hoping it doesn’t create issues.

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