Eve is a buggy laggy game

i have laggs no madder wich graphic settings, my drones keep buggin, my npcs keep bugging.

And this for years. The comunity knows it, the players know it, i know it…

but i thought somehow after 5 years of playing somethin would change.

But here it is even more laggy and buggy then before all the shiny graphic upgrades.
I never had so much struggle with any other online game then this piece of garbage.

Im sry i LOVE THIS GAME. but technicaly its garbage

Unfortunately you are right, on old/low CPU machines EVE got really laggy and slow even with a good 3D card. I really have no idea what for the CPU cycles are burned.

I really wish EVE anywhere would be available in Europe… but what I foresee is that it will come once I bought a new and expensive computer… which will be the point where I won’t need it any more.

I really wish CCP would post a reliable roadmap on the whole topic.

@SIVIR_Andromedan have you tried downgrading to DX11 from the Launcher? this often helps with the issue your describing. If still having issues recommend contacting support. Please note forum guidelines:

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