EVE Online is very slow

Hello everyone.
When I first installed EVE Online on my laptop it was very slow (because all the graphics settings were at maximum and it used to put a lot of pressure on my graphics card).
After that, I went to the settings and adjusted the settings to ‘‘low’’ (except the graphics for ships’ details).
And…it worked cool.
But after 2 weeks, I had to do an update. After the update, I had to reinstall the game in order for it to work.
So far, so good. I installed it, logged in with my account, and started playing. I set the graphics to low, and it worked fine.
The day after that, I opened the game, same settings. But it started to work very bad. At every second it was stopping, after one second it worked again. One second stopped, one second worked. I go to the settings and adjust ALL the settings to ‘‘low’’.
Same result.
But the annoying thing is that EVERY time I enter the settings, it works fine. After I exit the settings, it starts working bad again.
Does anyone have a solution for this? I really enjoy the game and I wish to play it at the good quality I had before.

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Other than turning your graphics as low as possible and freeing up system resources (by closing applications which are not in use), the only other solution is really to just buy a gaming PC if you want to game. A single EVE client with low graphics is not a huge resource hog. Your laptop must be very old or very low end if it’s struggling with EVE. I have a $1300~ low to mid end gaming PC and I can run 8 clients on max graphics with absolutely zero hitching or lag. It’s worth it.

put all on low and fine tune
in my case my pc is a potato so
i play in potato mode


Turn off audio and tell me if it helped.
Also, you did not share your laptop’s specs.

Also, please, you need to tell us what “graphics for ships’ details” means in terms of actual options in the menu.

Also also, why do you have to reset the options to “low” every time?

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I bet this is heat issue. If it worked before, it would work now.

You can try to stick your vacuum cleaner to your cooling exhaust. It should at lest break a bit dust cushion you have there


hm … but heat issues don’t expose themselves in seconds-intervals?

A properly congested exhaust of a notebook contains several cm worth of compressed dust
that has to be pulled out by hand from the inner side.

We still need to know the model and specs …

They can. Temperature goes up, clocks go down and you get low fps but temperature also goes down. So clocks go up again and cycle continues.

It does. But vacuum trick maybe will help to identify issue, before he go to specialist to tear it apart.

Not in short intervals i think, but let’s see what model and specs OP has …
… and …

@Apithou_Neyft_Estemaire is your laptop loud?

Like screaming loud?

I still think he just needs to get a modern gaming PC. They have screens around the fan ports so there’s no dust/heating issue. Very spacious. Beautiful.

No, I usually don’t hear from my laptop any noise.

Well then unless it has no fan it’s not overheating.
But, if you want to be precise, download and install HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID

It tells you everything.

A screenshot of this while running EVE would be great.
One when there’s no stutter and one when there is stutter.

We’re interested in temperature and capacity utilization,
aka how many % each core is busy at a given moment.

Also you, again, failed to tell us your type/model number.
One of the first things one should be telling when it comes to trouble shooting.

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Hi! So here are my specs (some of them)
Model: Dell Latitude E6520
Microprocessor: Intel Core i5-2430M 2,40 GHz
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000.
OS: Windows 10 Home.
If you want more details, reply to this message.
And I will post a screen recording while running the game. It’s not a matter a screenshot. Just a video can illustrate what is going on.
Also, my laptop does not make any noise. But sometimes it heats much.

Found the problem: You’re using a 10 year old laptop with a broken fan for gaming.

If you’re not willing or able to upgrade to a gaming PC at this time (even a lower end gaming rig will be fine for 1-3 EVE clients) then my best advice to you is to find someone who can replace the fan and blow all the dust out.

My laptop has a noise, which indicates that has a fan working.
But is this a heat problem? Before I did the system update it used to work perfectly after I turned all the graphics on ‘‘low’’. And the laptop was still heating up.

Man I really DK, you said it didn’t make noise and gets hot but now you say it makes noise? I’d just get a modern gaming rig TBH…

You really need upgrade your tech, cause even after '2017 graphic updates all low-end PC must have 60 fps on maximum settings. Game is beautiful, but by very cheap pc power needs. Laptops not much weakier. Maybe you need to check for viruses etc…

Then buy it for him…

Mentioned hardware meats minimal requirements for EVE. It should handle potato mode quite well.

OP asked for solutions. Buying a modern gaming PC - hell, even just a modern desktop PC - is a solution.

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/flips through Jane’s Galactic Fighting Ships

–Gadget spies a Dominix

Unless you limit your FPS, either by using v-sync or by some kind of frame limited (I limit mine by a maximum GPU temperature), your GPU will work at full capacity in order to put out as many frames per second as possible. It can be 37 FPS at high settings or 253 FPS at low settings, but either way, the GPU is going to be 100% (or nearly) utilized, which means it will be putting out the maximum amount of heat it can.

Your issue (frame stuttering) is typical of trying to run modern games on really old hardware. I mean, the first time I encountered something like that was trying to play SimCopter on a hand-me-down computer from the early 90s when I was a little kid. Even if the hardware can technically put out enough flops to render a game, the difference between the rendering technology that the game uses, and the instruction sets the hardware is capable of, might create issues like this, if not a direct incompatibility.

You’re literally using the weakest GPU option that was available a decade ago. Time to upgrade.

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