EVE Online is very slow

Throwing money on issue is not solution. It’s avoiding problem that not everyone can afford to do.

EVE by default has interval settings on. I assume that OP just used one of predefined settings and they don’t change interval options. So fps limit should be on.

Yet, it is better than minimal requirements on CCP website… https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GeForce-8600-GT-vs-Intel-HD-3000-Mobile-V2-13-GHz/m7659vsm7647

If EVE worked before, hardware is not a issue. Minimal requirements didn’t changed for some time.

It can be. Many problems have solutions which aren’t free to implement. For example: the transmission on my old ass car is dead. So there are two solutions: pay a mechanic to fix it ($$$$) and continue driving an old ass, sub-standard vehicle… or buy a new car ($$$$).

No, that’s not “avoiding the problem”. Avoiding the problem would be not doing anything about it.


Just because you meet the minimum requirements doesn’t mean that you’re excused from having a substandard experience.

Then you have to high standards and on top of that don’t know meaning of “minimal hardware requirements”.

Since those haven’t been updated in exactly five years, despite numerous changes and additions to the game engine, they might no longer represent reality, and very likely don’t.

one of the pros of eve online is that it runs on a Casio fx-10

I bought this Ford Fiesta and it just isn’t performing up to Ferrari 550 Maranello standards I was hoping for….’

The game overall might seem slow right up until that time you must react which makes you feel left behind.


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