Hardware Requirements

What are the minimum requirements for Eve client these days ?
I had 2 desktop computers that could run Eve client last year on minimum performance and they could just about do it without too much lag or glitching but this year they are both unable to launch it.
Considering what options there are to replace them, if I wanted a machine to just run Eve what would be the best thing and considering that what is the minimum requirements now might not be the minimum requirements in one years time ?

If you purchase any computer for gaming these days you will want a least a mainstream processor, Intel I5 or AMD equivalent. A discrete graphics card, Nvidia GTX 1650 or AMD equivalent. 16Gb RAM and an M.2 storage device. That will happily run Eve at 2K resolution with graphics settings on high. If you want 4K graphics, which is rapidly becoming mainstream, you’ll need a more powerful video card.

Anything you buy today will be superseded by the next generation of hardware before the end of the year - spending a lot now in an effort to future-proof your system is unlikely to be a good investment. It’s generally better to shop the peak of the value curve rather than the peak of the performance curve.

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Not sure I agree with this - I bought my system more than 10 years ago, and it runs 2 clients fine (3 clients takes a bit of care though). Although I bought the system for business I asked the builder to make sure it would be gaming-capable, seems to have worked for me.

If your computer has met your needs for 10 years, it doesn’t owe you anything. Question is, could you have replaced the system at the halfway point for the difference in price between a midrange system sized to meet your needs and the one you bought?

Typically the peak of the performance curve is a lot more expensive than the peak of the value curve and it rarely takes more than a few years for the value systems to catch up. You end up buying 2 mid-range systems several years apart for less than you would have paid for the high end system initially.

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I’d like to see that worked out with figures before I believe it, please.

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