System requirements

Hello all. I have a question will a AMD A4-5300 apu run eve decently? Im not very sure any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have discrete graphics, or is it using the integrated gpu?

I’m running an i3-370m with its terrible UMA iGPU and its 90% reliable on potato mode (Crashes the GPU on 5-10% of session changes).

The low end APU’s meet the minimum requirements but you’ll need to scale back the graphics. I use the current top of the line APU - Ryzen 2400G which can comfortably run 2 clients at 1920x1080 resolution.

will this handle 2 clients on low settings?

Could probably handle 2 on max settings tbh O.O

Easily. The GTX 1050 should allow most, if not all, graphics settings at high for a 2K monitor. The CPU is less important - most of the processing is done on the server. You may want to consider upgrading to 16Gb RAM when the 64 bit client is released.

The B250 motherboard has an M2. NVMe socket. If you replace your boot drive with an NVMe drive, you’ll dramatically improve the speed of the system - keep the HDD for archive storage.

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Thanks a lot man. I will def make sure to do that.

I run 4 clients in 1024x1080 on my 4k screen in a compareable (yet 5 year older) system setup.


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