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Hello all. Just curious if an amd a4-5300 can handle eve decently or even in low settings. Im not very savvy so any info would be appreciated. Thanks and fly safe o7.

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i guess the cup will do with one client
what grafic card?
how much ram?


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The A4-5300 is a fairly low powered processor from 2012 with a built in GPU. I’d not expect miracles from it, and couldn’t say whether it would run the client - it’s below the recommended specifications as I recall.

Downloading and running the client is free - I’d suggest you try it and see how it goes since it isn’t going to cost you anything to start with.

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will this handle eve?

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The requirements for Eve Online are:

The specification you posted should run it - though you may have to dial back some of the effects a little: Eve is quite demanding on the processor, but an i3 is a good chip.
Don’t expect to have a huge number of clients open at once - but then I only play one character at a time anyway.

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Thats good to know man thanks i wanted to know beforw i bought it, since i am on a budget lol but good to know it can handle eve.

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It should handle it. But will struggle if you turn everything to maximum.

I don’t want to be responsible for you being disappointed with a new PC not being able to run a relatively demanding game at maximum settings (Eve is slightly odd in what it demands).

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