Can Intel HD 630 run EVE?

(Apollo 4) #1

I have to RMA my video card so in the meantime can I run EVE on the basic graphics adapter built into the CPU, on very low settings, obviously? This is a desktop.

CPU: i5 7600k (Kaby Lake)
MB: Gigabyte Z270X Gaming Ultra
RAM: 16gb 3000mhz

Hopefully I can at least do a little bit while I wait for the RMA.

(Morrigan Laima) #2

It will be playable. Not sure how many clients you can do at the same time with that, but will definitely be playable with one or two if you turn the settings down.

(Apollo 4) #3

Awesome, thanks. I’m just restarting after a year long absence so I won’t be jumping into anything major just yet.

(Algarion Getz) #4

Intel HD 4000, which is 6 years old, runs 5 EVE clients at minimum stettings. Probably more, because CPU usage is never above 50%, but i never had more than 5 Omegas to test it.

EVE runs on a potato PC if you put graphics settings to minimum.