Back after 5 years. Need a suitable laptop

Not a new player here but a returning one with some questions about a new laptop. I’m looking for a laptop due to work commitments and no space at home for a proper desktop.

Would the vega11 built in graphics on a ryzen 7 be fine for playing eve. I want to rejoin a corp and have some pvp big battle fun. The reason is that I’m also looking for the laptop to be a cad machine and the processor is more important for that.

Any advice from admins, tech buffs and cpc would be grand. I would love a full blown laptop but just do not have the funds

You will probably be able to run Eve with that.
It might not look pretty without lagging, but when my i5 notebook can handle a client on low settings, a Ryzen 7 should manage to do the same.

If you want to run multiple clients or want to have it look pretty… well that’s another thing.

Here’s the official page with least and recommended hardware:

This is the laptop I bought a few days ago:

HP 15-DB1000NT Athlon 300U 4GB Ram 256SSD 2GB Vega 3/Radeon 530

At frst, the game ran on Vega 3 for a few days due to a technical issue and it was actually quite good. Meaning 40+fps on 1080p with details on high + shader low + no ant. filtering etc.

After I solved the issue the game ran on descrete R530 gpu and it was almost stable 60 fps on high details+medium shaders+no ant filt. non tec.

If Athlon 300u/Vega 3 is enough, I’d say Vega11/Ryzen 7 is more than enough. But I’d also suggest getting atleast 2x4gb ram to backup vega apu.

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