Essentially brand new, looking for minimum tech requirements for the client

It has been probably a decade since I logged on, even deleted the client some time ago. Where can I go on this site to see if my rig can even handle the client’s technical requirements?

Thanks…I think I am toast. After reading that link, it looks like my vid card can’t handle the load

they have a new ultra potato mode that doesn’t even render ships or things, could probably get it running if you really wanted to play.

Essentially new? Seems legit:

You’ll probably be happier if you stay logged out anyway Dinsdale. But if you do need some help, shitting up New Citizens Q&A isn’t the the best way to get it. Try a support ticket or here: Issues, Workarounds & Localization - EVE Online Forums

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He might have been referring to logged into the game. and seeing as though, according to employment history
Pirannha Corp 2012.02.23 18:44 to this day (3270 Days) So almost a decade would be more correctish. dinsdale is a 2008 char.

Damn Pedro, seems kind of harsh. Having a bad day or something? Do you need a hug? Come on, bring it in bro. Bring it in. :slight_smile:

To OP:
It might actually be possible for you to play with hardware that is below minimum specs. For one, those minimum specs might be what’s required to be able to handle massive fleet battles, and two, they likely put in a little bit of wiggle room so that they wouldn’t have to deal with a bunch of support tickets for people whose hardware is just barely enough to handle the game. Indeed, CCP recommends a video card with 256MB of RAM, but my tests into video memory utilization (not to be confused with video memory allocation), showed that I only needed 84MB of video memory while in potato mode and sitting on undock. So, a 128MB card might not be able to handle large fleet fights, but it’s probably sufficient for a lot of activities. And depending on if you have integrated graphics or not, you might be able to allocate more system memory to video through your BIOS. And, of course, if you have a desktop, you can upgrade your graphics card/add a discrete GPU. Now, depending on your PSU, your options might be limited, but we can probably find something that can get the job done without also requiring a PSU upgrade.

So, yeah, the only way to be sure is to try it. If, however, you’re on a metered connection or something, list your system specs, and I’ll try to make a good guess. I’d want to know your CPU, RAM, video card, and your PSU wattage if you can (usually found on a sticker on the side of your PSU). Alternatively, if you have a system built by a T1 manufacturer, you can give me the product number, and I can look up it’s system specs.


Oh really? Did you think there wouldn’t be anybody around who would remember you from quite a bit sooner than that or something? Cmon, Jack!

Did you look through those links to his forum history? Or google his name? Dinsdale is one of the most famously bitter and vocal Eve haters of yesteryear. His anti-Goon rhetoric and unique brand of carebearism was so prolific, he was the subject of entire blog posts form the Eve illuminati of the day.

He definitely isn’t a new player nor, from even a quick perusal of his corp’s killboard, has he been inactive for a decade.

That said, I’m glad he’s back for the likely entertainment value. It’s just that New Citizen’s isn’t the place for him to spew his nonsense.


Oh no, I wasn’t aware of his history. Well, if he honestly needs technical help, I’ll help him. And if he starts saying spewing stupid stuff all over the forums, I’ll call him out on it.


aha… Dinsdale is back.

The goats are all dancing naked in the moonlight tonight.


You are right. It only seems like a decade. It appears to be more like 6 years. Others appeared to have stayed in the corp. And yes, I hate the goons still. I still hate the RMT cartels for he damage they did to the game. I have kept track, casually, at what has been happening in Eve. I posted long after the last time I last logged in. But frankly, given the rate things change in game, I am quite confident the game is nothing like I left it as. And yes, I am fairly confident my vid card will die if and when I fire up the client. I have to download it first.

:rofl: :clap:

How old is your PC ? I figure if it can’t handle EVE it’s time to salvage what you can out of it ( the power box is always useful ) and use it as a doorstop.
Are you employed? Time to save up for a new PC maybe?
And if you’re not employed you might not want to play EVE because at a certain point you will need to upgrade to Omega and maybe buy some PLEX for rainy days, unless you plan on staying Alpha and be a casual non-comitted player.
Then again, after reading that thread where that poor guy lost everything he owned ( billions worth of PBO and other stuff ) and his exploded station after an 8-year grind just because he missed reading the details on an update and didn’t log in for a week, I’m not sure I want to seriously commit to this game myself.
I read his post and felt so sorry for him. I hope that CCP will redress that situation because it was totally a bummer and am quickly losing my eagerness to play this game.

Can I have your stuff ?

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The rig is pushing 10 years old. I used to play Eve on it, but like I said, unsure what had changed requirements wise for the client since the last time I logged on. The vid card is a NVidia GeForce 210, 512 MB. Based on the specs that first responder linked, it should be OK, but the card is crapping out on some other less demanding applications. As for cost of game, if remember correctly, I have 10 plus plexes left sitting in my assets, when I quit. I think I would be good for a while.

I don’t know 'bout that, buddy. I’m going to need it to play but if you need a little help I can shoot you 10mil to keep you going. Just use it wisely, deal?

An 8Gig card shouldn’t cost you much and it’s all you’d need. I’d recommend a 16Gig but not sure your motherboard could handle it.

10 plex is only about 30 mil isk roughly, now if you had 10 or more old style plex, then yea you are set. Those would have been converted to what we use now.

You keep it if you’re actually going to play… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My own PC is now 12 years old, based on an AMD Phenom II X6. I usually multibox 2 clients, and sometimes 3. I used to have a problem with disc-thrashing on 3 clients, but it’s been OK since I upped the memory to 16 GiB. I’m on my 3rd video card in 12 years (they seem to be the weakest point of any PC) currently using a GTX 560 with 1 GiB running onto 2 monitors. Op-sys is Linux Mint 17.3, soon to be upgraded to 20.3.

Welcome back ! :smiley: