I get it time marches on. I hear about the new 64 bit requirement for EVE and I am wondering if my elderly machines can handle the new hardware requirements. I suggest 90 day before the new requirement is deployed a link can be accessed that will tell you if your machine is comparable. ( Simple click here and program bot will give you thumbs up or down! ) Heck maybe even a muti-box simulator. Do not hand me a spec sheets and tell me to read up and figure it out! I pay a service to optimize my system so I just drive the machine! Well shucks shame on me ! I am just a computer user not a I.T technician! It would be nice if one of my machines fails/unable to pass the test it would nice to have a lead time to acquire a new machine. Or do what I did last time trade a washing machine I repaired for Windows 10 to get Eve working again! See you all in Toronto! Fly safe.

they did a test. On Duality server.

Windows 10 was a free upgrade. Unless you were running a different OS.

There will be additional mass tests and likely a public beta before the official launch. Eve isn’t exactly moving to the cutting edge of technology - we’re going from a 32 bit client that works quite happily on 10 year old hardware to a 64 bit client that will perform well with 5 year old hardware.

Your main considerations will be your operating system - it must be 64 bit to run the new client; and your memory - you need at least 4Gb, more is better.

If you choose to upgrade - buy a new machine, don’t buy parts for the old one.

The first 64bit processor, for the PC mass market, was introduced in 2003. Even if you’re not an IT technician, understanding how to use a search engine and coming up with search terms isn’t rocket science and requires only a tiny amount of brainpower.

In general, the system requirements are WAY overblown. No one needs a 1060 to run EVE at max settings, at all, for likely another five years assuming CCP keeps the rate of improvements as they have been.

In any case, if your machine is actually too old and you really don’t actually need a more modern one, buying a used one even from five years ago would be a cheap, yet sufficient option.

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