Multibox (game in several windows) ISBoxer в EVE Online и ССP

Sorry CCP, no replies are coming from support. Are multiboxes (multiple window games) such as the ISBoxer program allowed in EVE Online?
Judging by the players who have been using multibox programs for suicide for several years in the Safety alliance, there is no ban. Then can you officially answer whether it can be used or not?

Извините ССР ответы из тех поддержки не приходят. Мультибокс (игра в несколько окно) такие как программа ISBoxer в EVE Online разрешили ?
Если судить по игрокам которые на протяжение нескольких лет используют программы мультибокса для суицида в альянсе Safety бана нет, Тогда можете официально ответить, можно использовать или нельзя ?

как пример :

If CCP believes that the player is not using the account automation program to attack players, explain to us how 21 accounts simultaneously fire a volley of guns?.. live players will always have different delay times for a volley of weapons. Can’t this be verified?

Если ССР считает что игрок не использует программу автоматизации аккаунтов для нападения на игроков , объясните нам как 21 аккаунт одновременно производит залп орудий?.. у живых игроков всегда будут разное время задержки залпа оружия. Это нельзя проверить?.


  • Can we have the logs available if you have them?

  • Are we sure he didn’t use the tactic of placing the bombers in specific distance from each others, so that when he fires the torpedoes in in order from 1-21, the torpedoes will all land at the same time causing the alpha damage to be applied at the same time?

  • Do we have confirmation that the pilot didn’t fix his speed with launchers rate of fire, approach target, fire and thus firing 3-4 volleys that will land to the target at the same time?

Kusion has video proof on youtube how he does it. CCP wont take the time to explain how someone is multiboxing when big time multiboxers have done it themselves on youtube

Heres this from 2019, from an ISD

And reply #6, talking about using EVE-O, is most likely what they are using if they arent stacking windows

If you believe clipped wingz are breaking the EULA/TOS, report them. CCP can tell if they are using illegal software


I submitted an appeal regarding this incident, passed the ССР check, I was compensated for the downed ship and my friends, for this a big thank you to the ССР team.
But there remains an open question: the player uses a program to automate the management of 21 accounts during an attack (100% proven - there is compensation from ССР), why does he continue to play?



I would really love to see the proof about this.
I can’t remember how the sanctions worked… Is it straight ban?
IF this is true, he might got away with it with warning?

Show game logs of the salvos with timestamps.

Whether you’re reimbursed is not proof of the „legitimacy“ of the kill.


Something stinks here i don’t know why.

What i don’t want is people getting compensation/reimbursement for something that in fact was 100% legit gameplay. I’m not against you here to note that.

I’m against taking shortcuts with investigations via handing out ISK and not actually proving anything. Which is possible.

There’s no trust between parties this way. Players deserve and should have access to actual documentation in these situations.

Ccp is under no obligation to give us that info

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Can you show us proof of this.

As others pointed out, compensation isn’t proof of this. GMs have reimbursed a great many ships in the last couple years since their “respond with compassion” initiative.

Unless you added information to the ticket you haven’t shown here, you haven’t proven anything at all. As Io Koval said, show the log with the time stamps. 21 ships firing on you quickly isn’t proof of automation, it’s an assumption.

Players have shown videos of themselves pre-selecting, pre-heating and pre-targeting, and then tabbing through windows (which can be set to a single keystroke) and firing at about the rate of 5 ships per second, maybe 6. Getting through 7 or more ships in a second starts to look more like automation.

Your assumed proof only proves that a GM figured that reimbursing you was worthwhile. They’ve been known to do it for people’s first reported gank, for instance. Or just for the heck of it.

So far all you’ve got is “well it was 21 ships and it was really fast so it must be automation”. Hopefully CCP needs a bit more fact than that before they start banning people.


Your position is clear) multibox will help you. I also want to get permission from the SSR to use game process automation to attack players) and get windows 50 -100 for yourself and you can think about clamming in zeros or installing a blockade in front of Jita and kill everything legally! others can why can’t we?

Well mostly because you’re spouting unproven nonsense. You got reimbursed, no need to throw a tantrum about it.

Here’s another thread on the exact same issue:

Notice how the other guy is actually investigating and providing the data? Notice how he learns what’s actually going on and changes his viewpoint?

Notice Io Koval’s reply (4th one down) that explains how he can see what’s going on? Those are all examples of people engaging with actual evidence and proof.

As opposed to just angrily foaming at the mouth, which seems to be what you’re doing here.

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There is your true nature showing, miner. To answer your question, there is nothing stopping you other than your lack of skill and motivation.

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You keep not showing us proof or reasoning of this.

I understand how you are not pleased when CCР makes compensation) and how you don’t want to be pulled over for the multibox! But don’t get upset, keep playing, figure out how to hide the use of automation programs, and we’ll wait for a response from ССР.

CCP can compensate you all day long for all I care. I’m not the one crying here.

Multiboxing is one thing, automation is a different thing. It’s apparent now you have no actual proof and probably didn’t even check the log.

You just got outplayed. Deal with it.

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Correlation Causation


judging by your arithmetic)
Sasha Nemtsov = not a loser
Sasha Nemtsov= multi-boxer
discovery of the year!"