ISboxer EVE Launcher

Hi guys.

When using ISboxerEVELauncher I am getting some timeout errors. Please see below:

Any ideas why this is happening? It’s been working fine previously. No idea whats going on, if its an issue at my end of an issue at CCP’s end. Any help or advice would be superb.

I don’t think is boxer is allowed to be used anymore because it allows input broadcasting I would recommend trying eve o preview

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I have heard nothing about Isboxer being banned. I know its a ban worthy offense if you use input broadcasting (Which I don’t even turn on at the end of the quick wizard). Until a DEV says that it’s 100% banned, a lot of people will continue to use it.

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isboxer is still allowed to be used, just not the input broadcasting part…

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You’ll probably have better luck asking on their forums. You might also want to check out Eve-o preview, which is free.

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