Input broadcasting by a large 250 character coalition

there are 2 alliances that use isboxer and break eula and the test server rules.
EVELO (Deltta Legion with 1 real person, Delve Flood Plain with more than 5)
SISIM (KlngCrab with 1-2 real people and 1 that input broadcasts) (Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. 1 real player)
Proof of input broadcasting using isboxer from what our intel gives us.

They also bubble the ccp keepstar which is a test server rule

Below i believe this is an alt of a SISIM member

They also take Sov from people here is a screenshot from a system that my corp lost.

(they owned the ihub after someone attacked it but i wasnt online to record who was hacking it)
Why am I doing this now? we blew up their staging keepstar this morning and defended ours not long ago. why not end our challenge of fighting outnumbered against input broadcasters to rest on a good note.

This is what local chat looks like when they are running their fleets of input broadcasting dreads, carriers, machariels, etc

I will add more proof as i get it.


The local screenshots aren’t proof of any wrong doing, so you should probably ditch them.

On the Overdose Accounts
Anyway, I don’t care how good you are, it’s not humanly possible to press F1 on 16 different accounts within 1 second. That’s an input on a different account every 62.5 milliseconds, or 2.4 inputs in the time it takes a person to blink. Assuming that all the Overdose accounts are all be controlled by the same person, this looks to be clear evidence of input broadcasting.

On the Remington Accounts
I haven’t done any testing, but I suspect that even 7 inputs in a second (accoss 7 different accounts) is still beyond what a human can do.

On the Delta Legion Accounts
He could be input broadcasting, but 3 inputs across 3 accounts within 2 seconds is not outside of what a human could do (in fact, I think I can do 3, maybe 4 a second). Moreover, he has other accounts registering damage on other server ticks. He may be in violation of other test server rules, but you can’t conclude that he’s input broadcasting from the evidence provided.

No one asked, but my thoughts on the matter
I know this is just on the test server, but (1) the EULA and TOS also apply to the test server, (2) not addressing input broadcasting is extremely bad optics, and (3) there’s a damn good chance that someone who flagrantly breaks the EULA and test server rules is the kind of person who will also break the rules on TQ.


This guy is one of those people that also bubble the CCP structures and break the rules but then come on a forum to cry about others breaking them. They kill ships outside of designated combat areas, Bubble the CCP Keepstar and Sotiyo. When they were killing that SISI group Keepstar they had easily 5 Heavy interdiction Cruisers Bubble spamming the supercap undock and the subcap undock. They are the guys that don’t play TQ and spam anchor 50+ Keepstars on the CCP Keepstar grid and on the Combat Area 1 grid. They have 6-7 real players controlling 150+ accounts also input broadcasting. This is just one of those situations where both sides are breaking the rules but 1 can’t win against the other so they cry on a forum…

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Hey atleast we keep the bubbling to a minimum

And no we dont input broadcast, we use eveo

Theres nothing wrong with that, that’s not against sisi rules :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

When you look at the Charon screenshot, 9 self destruct at the same time, I heavily doubt it is doable as a human being. (10th screenshot)

For this one you have a scraming screen where you see 8 at the exact second scraming. (4th one with the over colored GUI)

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Yet where are the proofs?

On our side we have evidences of input Broadcasting, and CCP Keep bubbling.

Until CCP clarifies, that is against SiSi rules

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Sometime it doesn’t appears clear, even I had doubt, but some ISD clarified that the whole system have pvp enabled, and another rule below it prohibites bubbles 500km around ccp structures and gates (normal, ansiblex can be bubbled)

And yea they’re killing the test server environment, people can’t test fits no more cus they’re camping sisi with input broadcasted machariels and sht like that

yes, not addressing the input broadcasting is bad for the game. I know they have influenced at least 1 more person to input broadcast aswell that I know of. I’ve heard that their leader tells all his members to use it so they can win too.

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Well, my mamma taught me that two wrongs don’t make a right.

Also, it occurs to me that CCP might prefer to lockdown the test server than have to deal with policing it. So everyone, please stop causing headaches for CCP on this issue. Follow the damn rules before you ruin it for everyone.

the only time I did kill ships outside of m-oe was after they reinforced my fortizar in 7-uh and didnt show up for the armor so I blew up their keepstar that they used and took down their ihub and after a short while i stopped as they stopped, they had more systems and more stuff which didnt all get destroyed by me. and the group that i had messed with outside m-oe that had aggro’d me first I heard from an ISD also messed with other players so I tried to teach them a lesson. I believe i might have a corp notification of my fortizar in 7-uh getting reinforced before any of the proof that SISIM can pull up.

The other is when i jumped a Hel onto a guy Entosising 2 other alliance’s sov in vale (i dont take it upon myself to enforce but as I’m taking it out on SISIMs stuff i seen a reinforced system and came to that party) I can find the KM for those if you want to see them. I personally have done 1 bubble cycle to hold down a super when my hic was under pressure on the ccp keepstar but my friend has been sick of what you do Zack and hes since sunk to your level on the ccp keepstar bubbling. It’s why we need rules to be enforced now so it doesn’t spread to more and more people who get sick of following the rules.

as for who truly bubbled ccp keepstar first, we will never know. Because that goes back a few mirrors now.

As far as i see there isn’t anything happening in my corporation on sisi where people are hunting outside designated pvp systems for supercap kills. I don’t see anything in corp killmails and if I did I talk to them. Once I was tempted on a FRAT Ragnarok on Thera just sitting on the seeded station but my friend said not to and that’s the culture of my group.

As for the server getting shut down as Shipwreck Jones says because for the need for policing, that would be a shame for Chi and his group who live on there almost. They have concerns about the server health at the same time that they input broadcast and break the EULA.

SISIM even made a character to try and impersonate my friend who’s name is merc and or bully him by doing this:

By the way CCP member if you’re reading this, and I really do hope you are this subject needs attention, a lot of good can happen from SISI, people can figure out how to play such a challenging game, people can see what omega subscription is about and stuff like that. I think it is specially important for those who don’t have the time to lose billions on abyssal ships to learn how to run sites or make a fit,
specially people without as much time as these input broadcasters, I’ve seen them on the test server with their alts logged in all the time since they’ve come back.


imagine having to pay for isboxing on a test server lawl


Who tf seriously uses the testserver lmao. Should be open only during public testing events instead its a safespace to try out your 7bil t6 gila. Zzzzzzz

imaging reporting your own corp members for inputting broadcasting, bubbling ccp keepstar, attacking other player’s structures without permission.

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I highly doupt ccp will do anything about people breaking the rules like this when it took 3 months for vovik to get banned for racism and input broadcasting 100 accounts. naming keepstars ‘‘i hate blacks’’ ‘‘white supremacy’’ and yet he still plays on ivan manuta accounts and prefix sassiores accounts, if it took ccp 3 months to ban someone for something as severe as this then they wont do anything about whoever breaks the rules in any way on sisi

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LOL those keepstars

so you’re saying that everyone in the ‘coalition’ or alliance is doing this? or is it specific people? please clarify, asking for a friend.
additionally, playing devil’s advocate, if someone breaks the rules, is that license for doing it yourself? not saying you specifically, but your friends. if someone bubbles the ccp keep, does that give you the right to do it too?
if someone is being a bad, don’t do it yourself. the pot calling the kettle black and all.

thicc; you can test fits. there’s a whole universe out there with seeded stations, go to another one. go to delve, provi, whereever. M-O is the combat system. if you can’t understand that undocking is consent to pvp, you’re in the wrong game. go back to farming simulator or whatever animal crossing happy fun time game you play. this isn’t that game. no one has ever said anything in eve is fair.

as for taking sov in other systems, go ahead, no one from frat or goons or NC are going to complain about sov on the test server. that would be dumb.

so much whining. sort yourself out. as for me and the rest of my friends, shut down sisi? go ahead, we wouldnt really care. it is here only for ccp’s convenience in testing features and fixes, not for you to test ship builds.