Input broadcasting by a large 250 character coalition

+1 for shutting down Sisi.

No safe spaces !!!

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I endorse that sentiment

I do not agree with this opinion.
This is the ideal place to try out the mechanics that would otherwise not be possible. For example, I set up a corp, tried out rolls and titles, anchored some citadels, tried out how to fit them and how to fight with them.

Just because you have any problems with it doesn’t mean the test server is useless.
And with your “destruction > all” mindset you can lick my butt.

wow that’s some premium grade a celtic sea salt.
no one said you can’t go to sisi to try stuff, I just said you shouldn’t be salty when someone kicks down your sand castle.
I agreed with his 'no safe spaces; statement, nothing to do with you.

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I actualy mean you shouldnt be able to try stuff. Messing up roles and loosing citadels is part of your learning experience then. Stop beeing a soylent addicted weakling

I don’t think so, Karen.
And it is ridiculous to open an extra thread about it.
Show on the doll where the bad guys touched you.

Point to groin. They put their mouths there :frowning: love to see another carebear seething as their safespace gets threatened

EULA/ToS violations should be reported through the Support Ticket system, and SISI rule violations should be reported via the ingame “report a bug”.


Bigman i dont want a safe space, i want pvp i just dont wanna get insta popped by an input broadcasted machariel fleet

But that has been done multiple times already


<them calling us out for bubbling Sisi keep two resets ago
<Them constantly multiboxing and bubbling Sisi keep now and making it hard to test ships without being sat on by 13 apocs that all shoot at once

What is eveo?

EVE-O. It’s essentially a task switcher, it does not relay any keyboard/mouse events and suchlike. The program works with EVE, EVE through Steam, or any combination thereof.


Is eve dead?

1st off, I got a lot done on TQ when sisi was offline and I didn’t miss it.
2nd No, you or your coalition members bubbling the ccp keepstar doesn’t justify it. my point is that it breeds it to happen more when you do it all the time and people see it and see punishments not being served out.
Also I forgot when i was ‘whining’ about input broadcasting, ccp keep bubbling and sov attacks that are against the rules and EULA oh and the imitation of my friend with that character.
3rd I did mention character names and you can see character names in the post

4th and most important. I say a 250 character input broadcasting coalition because its CEO (Chi) endorses it and pushes the members of the coalition into using it…

I can name the people that i have not seen using it but they should get punished along with the input broadcasters for association. they all know whats going on. they see Overdose’s squads of zirnitras all fire at the same time.


Are you sure that I haven’t done that already?

actually i would’ve done the reports on other characters at multiple points where i had logs and messages as proof.

still sounds like crying to me ‘‘I break test server rules but these guys do it and I cant do it like them so I want them to be banned’’

were not just talking about test server rules, yes you are right that everyone breaks them at some point and your coalition is not the only one to do it.
You want me to list some more people that did break the rules and deserve at least a warning from ccp?

Update on the situation it looks like the main few people that input broadcasted left sisi for one with less rules aka serenity according to rumor. They left behind a USTZ member.

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