Close Public Test Server Acces

Close Public test server access outside designated mass/public testing events by ccp.

A safespace to try out fits and doctrines shouldnt exist. This safespace further adds to the watering down of New Eden’s harsh Universe and turning its playerbase into weaklings. What happened to harden the f up ?

+1 so the salty goon sisi warriors cant play tq or sisi seeing that all of the guys complaining on the test server are goons that sat on there every single day 24/7 camping combat areas for the last 3 months.

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This should be in the Test Server Feedback forum.

But then the abyss runners wouldn’t be able to fine-tune their bling-bling ships in perfect safety.


Oi, but what about people who just want to try out expensive ship skins or pieces of clothing before buying them on the real server?

The test server is perfect to test those things.

I was trying to be snarky, but it might read as a lot more hostile and condescending than I intended. I don’t really feel like changing it, however. So, let me preface it by saying that I wasn’t trying to be insulting.

Absolutely. Going to the rifle range and all those training exercises were just a bunch of safespace BS that turned the Marine Corps in to bunch of candy-ass, soy-boy cucks.

Nevermind the fact that tournament teams and some organizations use the test server to turn their men in to badasses because… well… because it goes against my narrative. So, forget about it. In fact, I heard that practicing on the test server causes testicular shrinkage -which is the real reason why it’s called the “test” server.

As far as I’m concerned, one’s ability to practice and to test out new fits, doctrines, and tactics should be tied to individual and organizational wealth. And if some players and organizations are so wealthy as to effectively trivialize any logistical concerns, that’s okay. It’s not my fault that they didn’t join a big bloc. The test server was never meant to be an equalizing force for newer, smaller, and less wealthy individuals and organizations. Therefore, we must put an end to it functioning as such.

Speaking of which, what about all the people who use fits that have been designed and tested by others? They get a time tested fit without having to risk anything or spend any time working on it. That is why I am proposing that we get rid of community fittings, corp fittings, and the ability to link fits. And while we’re at it, hand out DMCA takedowns for any content that dares to explain how to safely run any sort of content.



I disagree with everything but your last statement in Bold.

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I like being able to experiment with how a capital ship jumps around and docks at NPC stations before I make a couple easily avoidable multi-billion mistakes.

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The weak should fear the docking radius

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Brother Apu, although it was simply a wonderful privilege to read your brilliant and powerful statement concerning the need for Amarr racial purity you favoured us with elsewhere, I’m terribly sorry but I cannot support this idea.

Good Morning,

funny isnt it?
After you havent been able to defeat the as you say “Salty Goons” on Sisi
you now want CCP to shut it down :slight_smile:

Was fun flying with you ah ah ah <3

Just close down TQ.

Reddit and the forum are the real game anyway. No need to login to shiptoast.

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+1 I’m going to be helping a new player learn abyssals from my country and if I can have him learn on sisi he is less likely to rage quit because he is losing lots of ships.

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