Test server

Is it ever coming back?

I hope not. It’s a delicious and sweet punch in the gut for those “elite” tryhard SISI warriors. Lmao.


First, there is a subforum for that. Second, this isn’t the first time Sisi has been made private for internal testing. It has happened many times over the years for varying amounts of time and is made public again every time as soon as CCP was done with it.

It is first and foremost a test server FOR CCP, not a fitting playground for players. Just because you have gotten used to its availability doesn’t mean you are entitled to it.

Be thankful you get access to it at all. Many game devs ONLY open up test servers for testing events and are otherwise unavailable.

I think it is really weird that it is ever open except when CCP needs some focused player testing. Seeing how much people whine, they probably shouldn’t have made a habit of that.

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Moving this from General Discussion to Test Server Feedback.

I’m not really sure what your rant is about as I asked a simple question.

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