Peition ccp for open duality

hello guys I was very surprised this morning to see that you closed the sisi to carry out tests, I did not imagine that they did it hard this week at least, I imagine it is necessary for the development team, but a bad time for what we use the server taking advantage of the overtime quarantine, I wonder instead, if it would not be possible for them to open the server duality since the sisi would be closed, it would be a great solution for us, since normally we do not have that much time to test these things, and I was enjoying a lot lore of drifters, which in the TQ I can not do, anyway, I just wanted to communicate my suggestion, in case it was possible to open the duelity to the players, or wait for the first quarantine to pass to close the servers, I’m sorry if hos I do waste time, but I was really enjoying the lore this week, and I did not expect this, thanks, a hug from Spain.

Duality does not work the same way as SiSi. So therefore they cannot just “open it up” for us like SiSi.
Why can you not do the things in TQ that you claim you can do in SiSi??

1º wallet
2º players, you can farm solo in a c6 class in tq? u die al lost +5b in a sec.
I am also investigating drifters and for that to kill them, test fiteos, test structures to pass certain ideas to the official server, such as living alone in a dread in c6, hidden from the same pirates, it would be fun, but to do things like that , you must first learn to live alone in a c6 with the same rats, learn to hide, see to what extent it is worth anchoring a pos, a fortify, or simply living with a mother ship accompanied by some alters, stealing anomalies from corporations in moments of low activity, be that as it may, I need the test server to carry out my ideas, I am bored to farm to do isk every day all day, for example although I have been playing for a few months, I already have postures to make anomalies c6 solo, and something like that would never happen in the real because to get to a fiteo like this, we lost dozens of dreads.
in tq you live at the risk of other players and even worse, of other corporations, like iner hell, that if they run into you they destroy everything

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So pretty much, you want to test out things on the test server, which is why people go to the test server to begin with… Kind of a silly question, Jerry, imo. I did not know how Duality worked, so thank you for that part though. :slight_smile:

CCP does not guarantee you access to the test-servers. We CAN use them to help them test something and when there isn’t anything more important happening, we can do our own tests as well.

so pretty much you want a safe space, no risk, no bother, no gankers.
well sorry snowflake, but it’s not going to happen.

grow a pair and fly dangerous like the rest of us. no wallet? buy some plex. want to rat in a c6? get some friends. live a little. if you go boom, so what? its just a game.

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