Input broadcaster running 45 Accounts on sisi blatantly input broadcasting and being racist in local

This guy has been input broadcasting with 45 SISI Moros accounts and being frequently racist in local, at least once a day he calls someone the n word.

[ 2020.06.28 16:44:02 ] Sultan Salah ad-Din > you niger as salt
[ 2020.06.27 00:25:49 ] ooops you’re dead > shut the ■■■■ you shity ass niger mouth
its the same guy on different accounts and Im sure the IP will also say the same.

Also the same guy:

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Why do you care so much? Just block him. It is the test server.

file support ticket

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PLEASE don’t tell people to file support tickets about SiSi activity - Support promptly tells them to come post in here.


why do i care so much about someone calling me a N***** in local all the time ? are you ok bud ?

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They are just words.

At a guess, you’re white ?


If this was happening IRL where someone was being openly racist then they would end up with a jail sentence and it seems that CCP are just completely disregarding the EULA and letting people get away with this kinda stuff on a regular basis

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So you think rappers go to jail for using profane language?

Rappers using profane language is not the same as someone getting up in your face and taunting you with abusive language in an attempt to incite a response. There’s a reason free speech protections in a lot of countries exclude what are called ‘fighting words’ and a person may be arrested (for attempts to incite violence) or required to leave a public space (for violation of common decency standards) in response to such behavior.

Regardless of real work implications, however, CCP has stated the EULA applies to the test server, but has failed to provide a private method for reporting such violations (since support tickets cannot be filed for Sisi) - leaving players only with the option to publicly report this behavior in the hopes that CCP will do something about the offensive behaviors of players who take Sisi’s lax policing as license to harass others in ways CCP has explicitly stated are unacceptable.

If CCP is not going to enforce the EULA/TOS on Sisi, they should not make Sisi accessible outside of the times where they have staff available to monitor the server for issues. Otherwise, they are creating a permissive environment for abuses.


“Block User”

CCP has given you all of the tools you need.

If something is a reportable offense on TQ, it is a reportable offense on Sisi. Being a test server does not mean the rules don’t apply. Regardless of your ability to remove the offensive text from your own screen, it’s still a violation of the rules - shifting the ‘moderation’ onus to players isn’t a solution.

That also ignores the botting/input broadcasting aspect of the player’s behaviors.


Sisi is a luxury we players have because it is convenient for CCP to provide it to us. What you are suggesting is that CCP needs to designate considerable resources to Sisi because some people are not mature enough to deal with issues themselves. CCP does not want to waste time moderating local on the test server. As you suggest, all this kind of histrionic fake-concern will do is get Sisi closed down for everybody else - the people that can accept reality and behave like adults.

So what your saying is that it is acceptable for someone to be racist on a public server and that we should ignore this racism by blocking the user.

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What I am saying is that mature individuals use the tools available to them, rather than immediately running to authorities to solve the problem for them.

Do you really think that anything that CCP does is going to stop idiots from being idiots? CCP can ban 1000 idiots and guess what, more will continue to appear.

Also, since you are calling this racism, how did “oops” discover what your race is? Did you tell him? I suspect that he talks to everybody that way.

Blocking someone on sisi basically does nothing because as soon as you block them they create a new character and then spam local again and this happens frequently.
and yes i do think that CCP should deal with an issue regarding anything as severe as racism. the guy literally posts in local ‘‘i hate N******’’. Im not reporting it as something targeted towards me its a report to get the guy punished for his behavior all together.

If it is not racially targeted then how is it different from a child calling somebody a poo-poo head?

Because its racism full stop how in any way is calling someone a poo-poo head the same as saying ‘‘i hate n****** ‘’ in local and saying ‘’[ 2020.06.27 00:25:49 ] ooops you’re dead > shut the ■■■■ you shity ass niger mouth’’ at this point you are just being arrogant.


Unless the racial slur actually applies to you, it is just a bad word. If you called Bill Gates that word, would it be racism?