Input broadcaster running 45 Accounts on sisi blatantly input broadcasting and being racist in local

Regardless whether it is targeted or not at the end of the day it is racism and unacceptable behavior.

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The funny thing is that the reaction you are having right now is exactly the reaction this kid was undoubtedly hoping for.

The sjw’s are slowly taking over eve.

Would this be a good time to say I own 500,000 slaves in a station in minmatar space ?

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How very edge-lord of you…

DMX has left the chat

Doesn’t every multi boxer on the test server broadcast input…?

Please use the ingame “Bug Report” to report any rule-breaking issues as explained in the FAQ about Singularity (SISI) thread.

You know I find it weird that people argue on the test server and battle as fiercely as they do… it’s the test server… Your ship costs 100 isk. plus everything gets reset

Aren’t you the same guy who complained against bodys last mirror?

No I’m not your mum

This guy is still making more and more accounts. this is now the 3rd racist account name he has and yet hes still freely allowed to play. This is disgusting…

I too would appreciate CCP looking into this.


Are we complaining about the alleged input broadcasting, the guy’s account name, or his messages in local? Or should CCP just generally look at all three together?

How come people complain about it just now. Legit the entire of body’s has probably been doing it for the past years. Are people scared that someone in a few dreads will stifle their 50 titans they love dropping on ca1

We are complaining about the racism in local and racist account names more than anything else.

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Kind of sad though needing 50 titans and all his little fan boys to be relevant. And yes the racisam is out of order and has no place anywhere!

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And again, Yet another one Keepstar named ‘‘WHITE SUPREMACY’’

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And heres more racism literally 5 minutes later

‘‘Are you a niger’’

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Yeah unfortunately. i killed a body’s leshak with a vindicator, marauder and raven navy and he said imagine needing an alt to kill me. Like how ironic?

Technically that’s 2 alts.