Input broadcaster running 45 Accounts on sisi blatantly input broadcasting and being racist in local

1 alt and my friend. my vindi had neuts and webs however

nobody cares about you killing stuff with alts on sisi, this forum post is about someone being racist and input broadcasting. BODYS stopped playing when /copyships was removed also.

Ok buddy, you could also do something calllllllllledddddd

Ignoring it? MonkaS?

I have already explained in another post that ignoring it isnt an option and nor is blocking.

+1 for getting CCP to look into punishing SISIT, especially their leadership, for their racist and, more importantly, generally toxic behavior. They are blatantly interfering with the community’s ability to test content and gameplay mechanics, because all they seem to do is gank and grief people who so much as share the same space with them. Either that, or make supercarriers and titans seeded on the Sisi markets, because I’m afraid to pull my titan out of the keepstar since they’d be lying in wait to blow it to bits, using their isboxer exploits and dozens of duplicate accounts all fielding dreadnoughts. And they only do it because they know it’s valuable and takes a long time to replace. Either take away their ammunition in the form of duplicate accounts and input broadcasting, or make it so whatever we lose to them can be easily replaced. I’m sure this whole situation could easily be seen as violating the established Test Server Rules in multiple ways, especially the parts about non-consensual combat outside the designated combat areas.


Well the rules are that anywhere in the ‘‘combat system’’ which is M-0, you are consenting to combat. but the racism and EULA breaking needs to stop.

Except there are a few other forum posts which bring attention to the fact that they’ve been ambushing folks outside of the combat system as well. Also, you’re not supposed to warp bubble/disrupt anyone in close vicinity to the CCP owned structures either, but they’ve done that as well.

Yeah, the only reason why people break the rules so freely is because ccp/gm’s do nothing about it and even with this post with solid evidence I highly doubt anything will be done


As shown here, that doesn’t work either.

Seriously, how are players supposed to actually report these behaviors when every avenue gives a complete runaround from the designated support people?


I’ve learned that the ISD teams are unable to deal with matters of EULA violations and player conduct on Singularity, so talking to them personally in-game or getting their attention here on the forums will do nothing. I spoke with a member of the ISD in-game team who gave me clarification on this, and they also informed me that @ISD_Sakimura is spreading false information in regards to the in-game “Bug Report” feature: Submitting a Bug Report for EULA violations does nothing, as Developers are as powerless to address these matters as the ISD teams. The only hope for us is for a GM who has jurisdiction over Singularity to take notice of this. The best course of action, then, is to submit support tickets and, if the GMs say they can’t do anything because they can only enforce rules and EULA on Tranquility, inform them that we have taken all over avenues and tried all other alternatives, and that we want the GMs to personally bring this matter to the attention of those who are able to act on it, if they themselves cannot. Be specific and be thorough in explaining the issue, as well as how we want it resolved, and do not take ‘we can’t do anything’ for an answer. Everyone who considers this an issue needs to pitch in. The louder our collective voice, the harder it will be for CCP to ignore.


I’ve always viewed people who wish to respond to blatant racism with “ignore it” or “what’s the REAL harm?” as either woefully ignorant , or aiders and abettors (if not practitioners themselves). Then, I’m from Alabama and entered first grade with riot-gear equipped police guarding the entrance anticipating a visit from fire-bomb weilding klan.

In fact, I know fourth-generation klan who proudly display a medallion commemorating that fact (if you think they’re just going away if you ignore them.)

Don’t be stupid. Flush the house and bar the door. In THIS arena, none of it just stays in digital form. This is a concerted effort, and these people mean business. If you don’t deal with them in one way, you will certainly be dealing with them in another - a way of their choosing, not yours.

And, you can’t say you weren’t told.


Imagine CCP coming on and actually doing somrthing about them, hah yes I wanna log onto sisi to test my super but get constantly dropped lol and then have to listen to constant toxicity. Ah yes CCP has made a friendly environment for all : )))))

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The guy finally got banned along with all of his alt accounts.

That’s great news, but there are still quite a few other individuals like him that are blatantly input broadcasting and harassing other players.

yeah but still at least ccp finally did something

He finally got banned lmao?
All I have to say to that is

Good riddance lol

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Bad news folks. I just saw ivan manuta online. Apparently the ban rumors are false, either that or they only banned Sultan and his alts, while neglecting to ban the other offenders.

Not poggers CCP. Not poggers

yes they banned sultan and not ivan

the sultan guy’s main didnt get banned and hes already logged in and said hes going to make new accounts for next mirror