Forum with strongly inappropriate language

I cannot believe people actually posting something as sinister as this:Players Killed Super on Keep Undock

Is this standard of abusive comment allowed on the forum now? It differs much from the highly intelligent player data base of eve as I remembered.

To CCP crews whos monitoring the forum: Please give this man a punishment he deserves.

i did not put anything offensive. the guy below did linked my post .

kettle is device for boiling water. pot is device for drinking water evenually beer.

apologizes but yeah i actually meant the comment below you

sorry @Amak_Boma you got put in there beside him. You we have no problem with

anyway things like this should never be posted,guy did break not only TOS./EULA but also LAW ccp stated all kind of real life threats are taken seriously and additional actions will be taken…

well by paagraph the offender can get arrested and put in prison for 8-25 years depending on severity.

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he definitely needs a timeout. look at his other shitposting

if it is anything like that post I would say it is beyond shitposting

I’d say if he can get that angry over losing something on sisi… i honestly don’t know what he will do if he lost a expensive ship on tq… This is way beyond gigx level in term of ranting

yea… like I can sorta understand why GIGX was mad… everything he had worked for in his alliance was flipped… and what did this kid lose?

isd came in and saved us. machine is going,stand down. eventually drop this on reddit. sisi forum isnt good for rants.

the gigix was banned for real life threats aswell.

and rightfully so

its on reddit already

well some peopel take game too seriously and they were torn away from reality. hopefully it wont be forgotten. thngs lke this should land on special place like eve-pranger where would be list of all those who broke something more than eve tos/eula.

Hi folks! Just as someone said in the other thread, there’s an awful lot of forum and not a large amount of CCL, so whenever you see something like that, feel free to flag it so we get notified about it much fast. Thank you, and have fun!

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